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Content-rich theatre, engagement and Mingle Zone at the Pulse of iGB L!VE

Clarion Gaming, organisers of the forthcoming iGB L!VE (11 – 14 July, RAI Amsterdam), have announced the introduction of iGB PULSE for 2023’s event - a content theatre, workshop and networking space that will provide the latest market insights, industry analysis, and tools to help attendees plan for the future of their business.

Constituting the educational ‘nerve centre’ of iGB L!VE, iGB PULSE will also feature a hub for industry media and a new ‘Mingle Zone’, where delegates can connect with speakers and igaming communities can network and plan for the future. 

Explaining the rationale for the new high profile feature area, Clarion Gaming’s Naomi Barton said: “Once again we’ve listened to our stakeholder communities and responded to requests to introduce more networking and learning opportunities at the show. As the Global igaming industry continues to grow and break into new markets, iGB Pulse is dedicated to education, and sharing ideas about what our customers need to know that will directly impact their business in the next 12-24 months and beyond.

“We have created a place where the industry can gather and learn from their peers and partners as well as thought leaders bringing new perspectives from outside the business. iGB PULSE will provide informative and engaging discussions, workshops and networking in a dedicated ‘destination’ environment.”

Featuring two content-rich days delivered by teams of expert speakers, iGB PULSE kicks-off on Wednesday 12 July with sessions dedicated to new markets. Business-centric topics will include a review of the Global igaming map, an assessment of new frontiers within Europe, game content for new markets, how to localise brands for Latin America, and a session examining the off-shore license.

On Thursday 13, the focus switches to content specifically curated for the igaming Affiliate sector. Key topics include an analysis of the winners and losers of the AI wars, the impact of Google updates and what they mean to affiliates, mastering influencer marketing, an SEO update including what to expect for the rest of 2023, and horizon scanning of the most promising geolocations.

iGB L!VE provides a vital mid-year opportunity to connect with the industry’s best igaming Affiliates, Suppliers and Operators and in the process takes businesses to another level of growth. The show provides insight and access to the most advanced online betting and game development, assists business owners to enhance player retention strategies and converts expert-led insights into tangible business growth strategies. 

Affiliates and Operators attending iGB L!VE will maximise their ROI through the development of the very best business partnerships and the conversion of high-quality leads, form collaborative relationships throughout the world, and learn the latest tips from industry experts. For more information and to register: www.igblive.com