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2023 in Review: Epom's Contribution to the Betting Advertising Industry

2023 was a challenging but definitely interesting year for the world of digital advertising in general and betting advertising in particular. 

Dozens of new advertising regulations, the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies, and the wave of progress in AI – the events just kept happening. Being a bespoke ad server for sportsbooks, Ukrainian company Epom contributed to making betting advertising more convenient.

“From significantly updating our formats to being entitled to a “Product Leader” on G2.com, in 2023, we focused on making Epom ad server one of the industry's most trustworthy ad tech solutions.”Anton Ruin, CEO at Epom.

What is Epom?

Epom is a privacy-first, scalable ad server designed for betting and iGaming brands. In 2023, Epom expanded its base of satisfied betting advertisers and now reports the following:

  • 12 years of expertise 

  • 50+ professionals

  • 95% renewal rate

  • 300+ happy clients

  • 200B+ impressions per month

This year brought especially good results. Many talented people joined the team, and despite the ongoing war, we managed to improve our products and working conditions.

Also, we were lucky to work with the industry’s best brands in the betting sphere.” – Andriy Liulko, Chief Sales Executive.

Collaborations with Betting Advertisers in 2023: Case Study 

This year was especially ripe with success stories and profitable partnerships. Epom has prioritized challenges that usually accompany betting businesses. Those include low availability of relevant traffic as well as average engagement rates due to ad regulations.

Some of these complaints were pinpointed by Epom’s top clients. 

Success Story #1. Adera and iGaming Advertising

Adera is an ad network that has prioritized iGaming clients since 2020. The main goal of the cooperation was to gain more visibility via sports websites and streaming platforms.

Previous ad tech solutions used by Adera did not prioritize the variety of ad formats and betting-specific issues.

The goal of collaboration with Adera was to maximize Adera’s client exposure and improve ad creative engagement with the updated ad formats.

As for Adera, they have been using the Epom ad server Standard Plan for a year now.

The results proved to be very delightful:

  • 22% higher user retention rate

  • 34% higher click-through rate 

  • 125% increase in registrations 

  • 48% lower ad discrepancy

  • 62% CPA decrease.

The overall growth in engagement and exposure metrics allowed Adera to reach the targeted clients in iGaming industry and become a well-known player in this sector.

Success Story #2. Parimatch’s Triumph and the Sports Betting Industry

Epom has been working with Parimatch for over 2 years now.

The main goal of the cooperation was to increase engagement and maintain stable ad server operation during big events. The latter is especially important, since Parimatch is a business with wide established audience and their main focus is maintaining its status.

Since 2021, they have been using the Epom ad server Enterprise Plan.The results were the following:

  • 99% uptime during sports events 

  • 92% higher click-through rate

  • 164% more in-ad interactions 

  • 43% less time on ad development 

  • 30% CPA decrease.

Along with the maintaining stable uptime, Epom managed to help Parimatch with improving their CTR rates and optimizing their CPA. In 2024 the collaboration is expected to continue and reach new heights!

Epom’s Achievements in 2023

But these two cases are not the only successes that Epom harvested this year.

With an average score of 4.6 out of 5 on g2.com, Epom is entitled to:

  • Best Estimated ROI (Spring 2023);

  • Product Leader (Spring 2023).

Their ad tech solutions have an 8.4 “Ease of Use” score and a 9.0 “Quality of Support” score.

  • The average customer satisfaction rate is 91%; 

  • The average support reach time is up to 1 hour;

  • The number of completed support tasks is 985.

We are very grateful for the positive feedback we got on g2.com. It resulted from the focus on eliminating typical betting businesses' struggles like niche-specific limitations, privacy concerns over user data, or no control over ad placement quality.

The updates of Epom ad server in 2023 were addressed specifically towards these issues.” – Anton Ruin, CEO at Epom.

Plans and Forecasts for 2024

In 2024 Epom aims to continue its support of betting businesses. The development team plans to update these features:

  • Custom-fit analytics

Epom’s team r plans to improve the reporting focused on relevant metrics. Exporting raw log data and machine learning analysis already helps to cut underperforming traffic and save up to 70% of ad budget on underperforming traffic. These numbers will only grow.

“In 2023, Epom ad server assisted our clients to achieve on average a 56% higher ROI on ad campaigns and a 212% increase in ad operations scale.”Serhiy Shchelkov, Sales Executive at Epom.

  • Single ad serving hub

Centralization of direct deals in one dashboard is the core feature of Epom’s product. It allows Epom’s clients to link banners to prime placements, prioritize partners, and manage ad operations easily, but there’s a lot of features to be added.

Utilizing a single ad-serving hub saved Epom’s clients $60,000 in development and maintenance costs on average in 2023.

  • Bespoke ad templates 

30+ video, HTML5, native, and more ad formats. This variety helped to save up to $50,000 on ad development with ready templates.

What is the general approach for Epom in 2024? The answer is optimistic:

“Despite reaching our peak performance in 2023, we aim for new heights in 2024. The upcoming updates of the product landing, as well as our market expenditure, are going to make Epom the ultimate solution for any type of betting business” – Lina Lugova, Chief Marketing Officer at Epom.

Let’s wish Epom luck!