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“Total Experience”: hospitality, gaming, as well as betting and payment services intersect with the various facets of the technology. Custom is already present in over 76 countries around the world


Synergy between technologies, fiscal experience, the capacity to engage end customers and a service centre of excellence: Custom at ICE – Stand S3-310 – preempts the demands of the gaming, lottery and betting world and presents itself as a unique partner for players around the world, with over 15 years of experience.


Today, the world of gaming, lotteries and betting is passing through a period of intense development and fusion. From a simple location providing only betting or gaming services, it is now becoming an environment where you can enjoy a complete and relaxing experience, with restaurants, bars and music. End customers seek a "Total Experience", which requires appropriate services and technologies that can meet people's needs for comfort and entertainment. At ICE, Custom presents a new approach to this sector, thanks to more than 15 years of experience in gaming, lotteries and betting, with over 120,000 field-based terminals throughout the world, including 50,000 value adeed services integrated system.


Cross-sectoral technologies and solutions: a single partner for all needs

Today, Custom is the only player able to offer a range of hardware, software and service solutions to meet the new demands of the gaming world. Founded in 1992 and present in 15 fiscal markets and 76 countries around the world, with over 680 professional staff, six software labs and five production facilities (Italy, India, Romania, China and Brazil), the company has made a cross-sectoral approach one of its basic characteristics. The continuous development of diversified yet synergetic expertise and skills has enabled the company to excel in numerous markets, often being the first to propose specific solutions. This strategic mindset allows an increase of vertical skills in certain sectors, which, when integrated, offer an approach totally centred on the operator's needs, with close attention also given to the end consumer's experience. The key example comes from the gaming world, where Custom supports its customers with a comprehensive offer that brings together hospitality solutions (POS PC systems, fiscal printers, cash registers and mobile devices) and those more targeted towards betting and gaming, such as high-speed scanners and industry-specific printers. Nowadays, however, betting outlets are increasingly used for the payment of services such as car tax, insurance, subscriptions and fines: for this range of needs, Custom also provides hardware, software and services for extensive and constant support in all phases of its customers’ business.


The Custom Service Centre: excellence since 2001

Custom anticipated what has now become a mantra by almost twenty years: the product is important but service is essential. On the strength on this conviction, the company employs a dedicated support staff of 300 technicians, available from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm each day, to attend to customers’ needs. At any time and in any place: this is the secret of a proximity service that achieves high KPIs for the closure of service tickets, with an 8-hour Service Level Agreement worldwide. An original, "made-to-measure" and truly next-business-day service, based on the evolution of the market and the needs and technology that revolve around the store from day to day. Custom service is capable of fully managing the store machine fleet, providing support for hardware and software, thanks to a synergy between automation, business intelligence and technological implementation. It extends to new openings, technological refurbishment, the periodic verification of fiscal products and the management of extra services (transfers, changes of company name, location changes and closures).


From augmented reality to hospitality services: gaming beyond gaming to build customer loyalty

Today, the world of gaming and betting, in all its forms, has become a place where diverse needs intersect: people seek recreation but also require catering and entertainment services. With its long experience in the world of hospitality, Custom presents a series of solutions at ICE 2020 that are becoming central to the world of gaming, lotteries and betting. POS systems, mobile devices, printers and software are now becoming cross-sectoral and allow gaming industry leaders to have a single contact for all their needs. An example is POSA (the Android Point-of-Sale system): an Android App that meets all cash point needs in a smart, fast and reliable way. Developed for the hospitality world, this app allows you to manage bookings, employees and customers, with a range of customisable features. However, Custom goes beyond this and is presenting a series of technologies in London designed to enhance the consumer experience through Augmented Reality: information content, video, game statistics, advertising and everything else that creativity can suggest. This technology ecosystem, which mixes real and virtual, becomes a major development driver, facilitating the work of operators on the one hand, and, on the other, offering greater engagement and retention of end consumers.


Integrated Data Intelligence to optimise productivity and workflow

Data is now the new petrol. Companies that can manage data smartly and effectively have a major competitive advantage. For this reason, Custom has developed a program with Data Intelligence solutions that makes the operator’s task smooth and agile, while, at the same time, providing an enjoyable experience for the end consumer. Faster payments, dedicated services, data storage and profiling: all these activities can optimise the entire workflow, with genuine benefits in terms of productivity and return on investment. Custom’s capacity to integrate hardware, software and services is a key element, particularly when it comes to Data Intelligence: each of the Italian company’s solutions, created in a synergistic perspective, where software features determine the form of the hardware, which, in turn, is natively organised to implement data-driven operations.