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Formula One racing is so far behind the eight ball with Las Vegans

Whoever wins the Las Vegas Grand Prix, to be held in mid-November, the loser is already obvious: the average citizen of Las Vegas. By: David McKee Editor in Chief Casino Life Magazine.

Even if the promised economic benefits materialize—which looks doubtful—Formula One racing is so far behind the eight ball with Las Vegans it will never come out ahead. Instead, it is careening full speed toward the biggest public relations debacle since New Year’s Eve of 1999.

The Future of Revenue Optimisation for Gaming Hotels and Integrated Resorts

Written by Jurgen Ortelee, Managing Director, APAC for IDeaS

The path to sustained profitability is challenging for gaming hotels and integrated resorts. The industry is experiencing a decrease in gaming participation, a slow recovery of occupancy levels following the pandemic, changing consumer preferences and an increase in online and interactive gaming sites.

Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming Release 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., February 15, 2023/ Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming today announced the release of its 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report: Fifty Years Forward. Social purpose has propelled Hard Rock since its inception in 1971, guided by its founding mottos: Love All-Serve All, All Is One, Save The Planet, and Take Time To Be Kind.

Traditional casino games continuing to hold their own within online betting sphere

The online sports betting sphere has developed exponentially over the past two decades, with more gamblers than ever before turning to sportsbooks to get their gambling fix.

In essence, few betting markets are as unpredictable and relatable as sports betting, with the human side of global sport often playing a huge factor in the outcome of a particular bet.

5 Main Criteria to Consider When Choosing an Online

Choosing an ideal online casino in Singapore can be painstakingly difficult, especially for a gambling novice. So with thousands of gambling platforms to choose from, each with its distinct features, an expert review becomes necessary.


This post walks you through five main criteria for choosing an internet casino. Don’t forget to check Online CasinoHEX SG for more guidelines on the best Singaporean gambling sites to join. Read further for details.

The Web 3.0 Hype for Absolute Beginners

The challenge of a blockchain-based Internet is difficult but not impossible. By Raymond Chan

Web3 draws its name as the third generation of the internet, one which harnesses the web with blockchain technology, aiming to reduce the control of big corporations such as Google or Meta (formerly Facebook). When the Web 1.0 was considered read-only static pages and Web 2.0 added the ability for interaction such as social media and online banking, the concept of Web 3.0 is going to combine the characteristics of both Web1 and Web2 on a new network layer.