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What should a novice do in a casino?


Experienced players in a virtual gambling club can easily give advice, and novice users often use them. Even if there is a desire to play volcano for free online, these recommendations will still be useful.

If you are reading this article, then you are determined to try your hand at gambling. As in any unknown case, you immediately have dozens of questions, which we will try to answer. So let's start.

Top 10 casino winnings in the UK in the last years


Why do you enter a land-based casino? To win, of course! Going beyond the fun hours you spend with your mates drinking and laughing, your main focus when passing through the doors of that establishment is to score some winnings. That applies to online casinos too, but despite the physical ones, the gambling websites come with a helping hand in the form of bonuses suitable for all types of players. 

Understanding How Live Casinos Work


Remember a couple of decades ago, when Snake was the most popular game on a smartphone? Time has changed, and video games have become an incredible experience with stunning graphics, realistic sound effects and video sequences, and sophisticated storytelling.

It's fair to say that no only have video games developed but so have casino games. Players expect more than spinning reels. They want to emerge into an exciting gambling adventure, all from the comfort of their homes.

Trade bodies will deliver market insight to investors and exhibitors attending ICE Africa, state South African Bookmakers’ Association

As one of the most respected trade bodies on the continent, the South African Bookmakers’ Association (SABA) has taken a stand on a number of key issues. Sean Coleman, SABA’s CEO, explains its commitment to blocking centralised monitoring legislation, the lessons that can be learned from the credit industry, the importance of sharing intelligence and the consequent benefits of attending what he believes to be the gambling industry's essential Pan-African b2b event.

The Things To Consider When Choosing A New Online Casino In 2019


When it comes to online casinos, we’re dealt more choice than ever before. The market is huge and the offerings are expansive. So naturally it can make it difficult to decide who to play with.

We’re seeing new and exciting online casinos arrive every day, particularly as the US continues to expand thanks to legalisation in states. Alongside that, technology continues to develop how we play and what we look for in a casino, with the likes of live casino, virtual reality and much more changing the way we play.

The Top Five UK Casinos To Visit In 2019


The casino industry in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few years. It’s now a real phenomenon and while that is largely down to the online format, more and more faces are being welcomed to the tables in major cities too.

It’s been a remarkable rise over the last few years. When you compare online gambling sites today and five years ago, it’s likely doubled, trebled even potentially quadrupled.

The Generation Game

Robert Ambrose, Gaming Consultant and Educator, and son Rob, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur, Share Their Thoughts on Aspects of the Gaming Industry. By: Sophie Behan

Their Difference in Age, Has Never Been a Generational Divide. Robert is a former Atlantic City Gaming Executive, consultant, university instructor and freelance writer. Rob, thirty plus years his junior, is a software engineer, former professional gamer and blackjack dealer. He is also the founder of software and design consultancy; Ambrose Gaming.