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Why the AAMS license is so important to the Italian gambling market?

Guarantees for the player

When choosing an online sports betting portal there are some essential parameters to consider to make your entertainment safe. Among all the certifications that should be present when you surf a gambling website, pay attention to the AAMS logo, the acronym that certifies and ensures the legality for safe play, both for players who have registered on the website and for betting operators.

It is necessary for users to pay attention to this significant detail, usually placed on the lower part of online legal portals: all the Italian websites with no AAMS license are promptly shut down by the authorities.  All users who set up an account with the website and have put money into their player accounts, will lose their money and no longer be able to get them back.  Also, all the winnings here, are not legit.

Moreover, you need to consider that when a player enters his credential and personal data to play on these websites, he is giving access to his sensitive information to a non-guaranteed system. So it could be very dangerous for you and your savings not to make sure of the loyalty of the operator.

How to get an AAMS license?

You have always been passionate about the betting world, not only as a player: numbers, odds betting, predictions, casino and all the virtual games are your cup of tea and you are thinking to take part as operator in the gambling Italian field. Here all you need to know to start your business legally.

First of all, you need to gather information on the most important and basic requirement to be respected: the AAMS license.

AAMS stands for Agenzia Dogane e Monopolio di Stato, the body responsible for ensuring a proper conduct of the online and offline game and an equitable distribution of prizes, and also for preventing the violation of gambling rules. 

In the following lines, what you need to do to get an AAMS license.

On the AAMS’s official website, there are all the information about the terms and procedures to be respected to take part in the tender offer called by the Ministry to get the license.

To summarize briefly, here all the conditions necessary to get the license:

  • Reliability and honesty;
  • Italian limited company constitution;
  • Managing of a gambling exercise in the last two years within a European country, whose turnover was 1,5 € million or more;
  • Managing skills and financial capacity of 1,5 € million or more;
  • Technological facilities are required to be located in one of the European countries;
  • Payment of 350.000 € to AAMS for technical and administrative managing;
  • Transmission of information to AAMS, even the protected by privacy ones;
  • Making a contract between company and players;

Guarantees for the new operators

Speaking of money, as you can see, the costs are not exactly very low, but having the AAMS license means protecting both the operator and the player. If you are approaching to the gambling market as a marketer, it could be good for you to remember that the aim of each virtual game and betting is having fun, the same fun you have always experienced playing online in one of the virtual Italian AAMS certified casino. Every one of the most well-known Italian gambling operator, with its variety of engaging games, roulettes, slots, and the possibility to bet on all kinds of sports and trending events, as for example Sisal, that has been leading the Italian online and offline market for years, assures Responsible Gambling Policies and promotes on its channels balanced and safe gambling behavior.