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Top Casino Games to Play Whilst It’s Raining Outside

For many of us, we are currently going through the winter season now. And the unfortunate among us happen to be hit by the rain on a daily basis, or just bad weather in general.

It’s not a great feeling, getting drenched, your jeans getting ruined, walking in wet socks and then having to change your entire outfit and dry your hair when you get back.

So some of us choose to stay indoors instead during these moments, even including weekends that have been ruined by the bad weather. What do you get up during the winter months?

Data shows that online casinos have been more popular than ever previous over the past 12 months. And here are the games that people have been playing the most:


The most popular card game saw a big growth in popularity when the NHL went on strike for the whole of the 2004-05 season. Ice hockey gets a lot of television coverage in a usual season so producers had to find something to replace it with during those months of no activity on the ice.

Poker was one of the biggest benefactors of that as it finally got a television deal in North America, and eventually in several other countries across the globe. Since then has only continued to grow and grow.

Advancements in technology this millennium have allowed more and more people to gain access to the poker tables. Instead of having to go a physical casino or waiting for an event to be put on, players can now enjoy one of their favourite pastimes at their own time in their own company, thanks to online poker.

Online casinos are available on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet devices, making it easier than ever before to play poker with friends, colleagues, family, or simply on your own.

Slot Games

Did you know there are more slot machines in Las Vegas casinos than any other game? That’s because they’re so popular.

It’s not only in Sin City that slot machines are very popular, not physical casinos in general. Their popularity is replicated online too where you are spoiled for choice when it comes to slot games.

Most online casinos offer several different games for you to play, each with their own unique theme. There are different ways to win, additional bonus rounds, and even a rolling jackpot for some.

Some of the more commonly known games include Rainbow Riches, Starburst and Mega Moolah.


On the face of it, Blackjack may look like a game of luck. In fact, there’s far more to it than that. You have to make decisions based on the latest card you have joined, whether that be hit or stick, or in the case of drawing cards of the same number, whether you split or not.

It’s not only your own cards that you need to look at before making your next move, as the dealer’s cards could have a big influence on your decision too.

Blackjack, sometimes known as ‘21’, is a very popular game in real life casinos, as well as online too.