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Top 5 Gambling Regions in the World

Gambling has been a popular pastime for centuries, and with the advancements in new technologies, it also expanded to the online sphere. According to world gambling statistics, around 26% of the planet’s population engages in some sort of wagering, which is close to 1.6 billion people. There is a high demand for gambling in different parts of the globe, but the following regions really stand out:

United Kingdom

With a population of 69 million, the United Kingdom is one of the biggest gambling areas in the world. The locals are crazy about all sorts of wagering, and this year the market reached a revenue of $19 billion. The UK is home to some of the best-known gambling establishments in the world, including the Vilento Casino, Grand Mondial, Aspers Casino, Manchester235, and others. 

Even though much of the earnings come from land-based venues, a large portion was made through online wagering and sports betting as well. In fact, according to the data provided by the UK Gambling Commission, online betting captures more than 50% of the wagers in the country. 

Australia and New Zealand

Gambling has a long tradition in Australia and New Zealand, and players enjoy it in both the online and offline realms. However, the activity is only legal if an operator complies with local rules and regulations. For instance, in New Zealand, in order to be legal, all providers must be authorized by the Gambling Act of 2003. The same goes for Australia, only licensed businesses are allowed to provide online gambling services. 

Besides Christchurch Casino, SkyCity Casino is one of the most famous casino operators in New Zealand, based in Auckland, with several establishments in Australia as well. With four SkyCity venues in Auckland, Hamilton, and Queenstown, there is sure to be something for everyone. On top of that, the provider recently went online. Similar to its land-based establishments, SkyCity online casino has a great selection of virtual games on a platform that was approved and licensed by Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) based in Malta which makes New Zealand one of the most interesting markets in the world at the moment. 

The United States

The gross gaming revenue of the United States reached a staggering $119 billion, and the market has been experiencing steady growth for a while now. Much of the revenue is there because the country is a global sports hub hosting huge events like the NFL Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, and Major League Baseball. As a result, sports betting is one of the favorite activities among the locals. 

The USA is home to some of the world’s largest casinos, and the majority of them are located in Las Vegas - the world’s best-known gambling hub. The city is home to some of the iconic venues like Bellagio Hotel & Casino, MGM Grand Resort, The Venetian Resort, Luxor Hotel & Casino, and others.


Thanks to its vast population of 1.4 billion, as well as the incredible rise of economic power, China is one of the greatest competitors when it comes to gambling. The overall gambling revenue reached $70 billion, and the market’s growth has been boosted by the expansion of online wagering. In 2021, the online gambling sector reached a revenue of $9.2 billion, and the numbers are expected to rise to $14.7 billion by 2027. 

Even though China is one of the top five gambling markets in the world, the government still prohibits the practice. However, certain categories like Mahjong, online games, and traditional card games, all of which involve some kind of wagering, have achieved notable significance in the local culture. 


Italy has a rich gambling history, as many inventors of famous casino games come from this country. For instance, Baccarat is an Italian game that was first played in the 17th century. Moreover, some of the famous roulette systems like the Fibonacci were actually invented by the locals. 

Since 2008, Italy introduced less restrictive gambling laws, and the industry has been booming ever since. This year, the market reached a revenue of $20 billion. The largest gambling hubs in the country are Venice and Milan, with more than 15 lavish casinos on their territories. On top of that, Italians are known for their passion for football, so it is no wonder that the locals are also crazy about sports betting.

Gambling is still one of the most popular hobbies on the planet, and with the emergence of online casinos, its growth is unlikely to cease. Now that you’re aware of the world’s top 5 gambling regions, you may wish to pay them a visit and try your luck with the locals.