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These are the Preferred Casino Bonuses According to Research

Casino bonuses are a considerable influence on players looking for new online gambling platforms. From a competitive standpoint, online casinos leverage bonuses as a means of differentiation in a crowded market. By offering better bonuses or innovative structures, they stand out from the competition and attract more players. 


According to data gathered from KTO helps us understand what types of bonuses are players’ favorites, how they affect user behavior, and influence gaming habits. Each type of online casino bonus is designed to ensure there's a warm welcome for new players, as well as a token of appreciation to faithful ones. Among the most popular are:

Welcome Bonus: serving as a gateway for new players. These bonuses may vary among platforms, but they can get up to R$500 in free bets if luck doesn't favor your first attempts.

Free Spins: a great treat for online slots enthusiasts. Free spins present a world of possibilities. Some casinos will give users free spins for specific games on their first deposit, for example, allowing them to explore new games and find new favorites at no extra cost.

No Deposit Bonus: this bonus enables users to experience the thrill of real-money games without reaching into their wallets, offering a risk-free opportunity to try our games.

Loyalty Rewards: smart operators retain and cherish their loyal players. Rewards such as cashback, instant credit and withdrawals are the most popular.

Mainly, these bonuses serve as strong attractors, drawing in new players with appealing offers. These incentives are an initial hook, encouraging individuals to register and play different games on the platform.

Once players are onboarded, bonuses play a crucial role in maintaining their interest and loyalty. An online casino can deploy various retention strategies, including reload bonuses, loyalty rewards, and VIP programs, to cultivate long-term engagement. By continually offering these bonuses, casinos ensure that existing players remain invested in their platform, fostering a sense of exclusivity.

The research from KTO shows that users over 55 years of age are more engaged with bonuses after the first three days, with 43% usage. Meanwhile, users between the ages of 18 to 54 have a medium of 18% utilization of online casino bonuses. 

These bonuses also help extend players' playtime by allowing them to wager with bonus funds or free spins, reducing the financial risk and nurturing responsible gambling. Additionally, bonuses often encourage players to explore new games and have more fun in their leisure time.

According to KTO, these are the most attractive bonuses to all players: