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Tale of gambling in UAE - Is it Legal or Illegal?

The beauty of the United Arab Emirates can't be envisaged as one has to experience natural tourism. UAE has been widely popular amongst the elite or middle-class people worldwide, and since it is forging ahead on boosting its tourism - land-based casinos come to mind.

But the questions persist - whether gambling is legal or illegal in UAE? Unlike other countries, UAE doesn't hold a state of flux as gambling is banned in the entire United Arab Emirates. In contrast, there have been ongoing notions and rumors amongst Dubai citizens that Dubai will soon enroll in gambling licenses. In short, Dubai might consider legalizing online casinos. However, the Dubai Media office clarified the notion through a tweet that read, "The Government of Dubai Media Office stated that reports circulating in social media about licenses being granted for gambling activities in the emirate are incorrect."

 Why is gambling illegal in the UAE?

As the United Arab Emirates goes by Islamic laws, one can't turn gambling legal. According to Islam, any game of chance or gambling activity is considered a sin or curse. Hence, legalizing gambling in UAE and the most famous tourist attractions like Dubai is next to impossible. Any form, either online or offline, is not allowed in UAE, and the casinos' advertisements are also banned.

As per the laws, UAE prohibits gambling! But, you might be wondering why there are certain land-based casinos such as Fairmont Hotel? One can understand this with an example - suppose Saad doesn't practice dance because he believes it doesn't suit him. Would he disallow his sister to open a dance studio just because he doesn't like it? The best part of UAE is it understands the requirements of everyone! UAE has changed its focus from entirely being into oil production to tourism. While promoting healthy tourism, one must be given access to all the facilities. Hence, the brick-and-mortar casinos are present at certain hotels.

State of online casinos in UAE?

As we mentioned earlier, UAE prohibits any form of gambling, but it also experiences certain grey areas. One can place a bet on a few sports such as racing, but with higher limitations. Also, UAE as well bans online gambling.

Here comes the catch - one can still play at any offshore casino that accepts players from the UAE. The regularization of those casinos that hold the license of foreign authorities is still unclear - UAE authorities are yet to bring a stringent law on this part. However, one should ensure that the online casino should be based in a foreign country and holds a foreign authority's license.

How can one play at an offshore online casino in UAE?

Seeing the interest of UAE domiciles, many online casinos have indulged in allowing UAE players to practice. The best way to play at any offshore casino is through VPA or a virtual proxy network. A VPN will show a different location, and one can't track IP addresses; many online casino players use this to maintain their complete privacy.

Also, it is entirely safe and secure to play at any offshore online casino because the UAE laws haven't specified this part alone. One should ensure that the casino doesn't come from Dubai or any UAE locations. One shouldn't ignore the fact that these offshore casinos often cheat many players because of zero involvement of the government. Hence, one should consider certain factors while questing for the offshore casino for all slot, table, or live dealer games!


Ensure that the casino you choose holds a separate license from foreign authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority. These licenses ensure that the casinos meet all gaming standards and no casino can conduct fraudulent activities. To learn more about which offshore casino can be best for you, visit topuaecasinos.com. You can find everything related to foreign casinos, games, licenses, etc.

Payment methods

Many Dubai players choose cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as payment methods because it keeps their identity anonymous.

Software provider, encryption, etc.

If the gaming software is good, your gaming experience will also be good. So, make sure to choose a casino that comes with a great gaming experience and software providers like NetENT. Most of the famous and trustworthy casinos use SSL encryption technology.

Customer reviews

Don't choose a casino with many lousy customer reviews because these reviews act as a mirror of the casino. Make a list of factors you would like to have, such as games, and then compare the casino with customer reviews.

 Final words

Though gambling is still illegal in UAE, one can play without any worries at an offshore casino. One can maintain privacy by using bitcoin as one of the payment methods at an offshore casino.