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Richard Marcus Casino Cheat Expert : Guarding the Tables

Richard Marcus, host of the 2024 Global Table Games & Game Protection Conference, sits down with Casino Life

Could you give us some background of the Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference along with its date and venue for 2024?

The Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference (GTGC/GGPC) is a dual-track conference, Table Games and Game Protection/surveillance, which takes place at the Sahara Las Vegas Hotel-Casino over 3 days, March 5-7. It is unique in that it brings together a learning experience for two symbiotic departments within casino operations. Its overall objective is to help educate the Table Games, Surveillance, Security and Compliance sectors of the Gaming Industry, combining the most integral elements of what we’re seeing now and what we’re going to see in the coming years. The experience of being present at the conference will help casino operators to recognize, sort and solve problems which will enhance both customer service and the integrity of gaming.

What are the universal issues challenging all Casinos?

There are many. Just in the past year alone, we have seen casinos being attacked and threatened by sophisticated scams, such as hacking and social engineering of employees, which can shut casinos down and sometimes even turn employees into unwitting participants in scams against their own casinos. Another rising threat is created by the very systems casinos use to enhance customer service and operational efficiency as well as defend against cheating and advantage-play. A chief example of this is Artificial Intelligence. A growing concern is that casino staff will soon be depleted and replaced by AI robots that can do their jobs better than humans and at the same time significantly reduce overall labor costs. Issues such as these are quite controversial and need to be addressed intelligently and sensitively.

What can you tell us about the venue for the 2024 Conference?

The Sahara Las Vegas is a major Strip hotel-casino that has recently been completely renovated. Their facilities are all top-shelf, including the hotel rooms, restaurants, lounges, and of course the grand entertainment theater, where this conference will take place!

Image: Richard Marcus, Casino Table Game Protection Consultant/Trainer and Founder of the Global Game Protection & Table Games Conference 

Can you provide readers with the latest details on the speakers along with panelists and moderators for the 2024 event

As we did at the first two editions of the GTGC/GGPC, we will again bring the best presenters and program sessions to this conference. The presenters are all major figures in the industry, and many are CEOs of mainstay industry companies in various sectors, Vice Presidents of Table Games and Surveillance at major casinos, and specialists in fields vital to casino operations. The round table discussions also boast top industry people who will moderate and serve as panelists. To see the entire Presenters Roster and Program Schedule, find all that information on the conference website: https://globaltablegamesprotection.com/ 

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing land-based Casinos in the coming years?

The prime answer here is to ensure the future of land-based casinos´ standard table games. Constantly under threat of being completely absorbed by the online casino and electronic gaming sectors, operators must take several measures to protect the survival of these table games. This of course will be a major topic of discussion as Table Games is one of the two primary tracks of the conference.

Could you tell us about the topics under discussion?

 We will discuss new technologies gaining footholds in both sectors, with heavy emphasis on Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition, enhanced Video Surveillance and monitoring equipment, and Electronic Table Games, as all four of these components continue to increase their presence on casino floors. We will also have sessions on Marketing and Influencing, Omnichannel Gaming, Player Development, Table Games and Surveillance Analytics, Product Development, New Casino Table Games, Leadership and Casino Cheating , roulette strategy, and Advantage Play. Each topic is covered in its present state and how the future might bring changes. Scams that have recently hit the industry hard, such as hacking, social engineering of employees and insider-generated scams, all of which are equally important to both tracks, will receive special attention.          

Is AI technology a threat to land-based casino operators, and will this be a topic for discussion at the 2024 Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference

Yes, it is considered a major threat. We will have a team of AI specialists on hand to discuss this topic in a round-table format. They will examine the current threats and how casino operators can address them and form policies to keep AI under control without reducing its intrinsic informational value to casino operations.

It was not that long ago that you took part in one of our YouTube Interviews which readers can locate by searching for Casino Life and Sports Betting Operator TV. However, you also have your own YouTube Channel?

Yes, the new conference YouTube channel is gtgc_ggpc  (https://www.youtube.com/@gtgc_ggpc) We have already posted several podcasts where my co-host, the “Casino Guru” Michael Chapman, and I discuss important conference topics with key guests who will be presenting at the conference. The goal is to give viewers a solid idea of what we will be covering and to get to know the presenters a bit before actually meeting them at the event.

What are the price options for delegates for attendance at the 2024 Conference?

Full Conference Entries, which include the Expo, food and beverage, and welcome reception, are priced at $1,195 per person. For groups of four or more people, the price per person is $1,125 per person. There is also an Expo-only option priced at $495 per person.

Will there be networking events and parties?

 There are networking breaks throughout the conference schedule. There is also a welcome reception inside the beautiful Azilo Lounge, where attendees and presenters can network and enjoy some entertainment while doing so. At last year’s event, one of the sponsors threw a separate party. We may see that as well again in 2024

Tell us about the ‘New Table Games Contest’?

The Best New Table Games Contest has become one of the most popular events at the conference. It’s held for the New Table Games Developers who exhibit their new games at the conference Expo during the three days. Attendees and presenters alike visit the Expo to see all the new games and side-bets on exhibit. During this time, the attendees and presenters cast their ballots for the “best new table game.” The grand prize for the developers is that the winner of the contest and the two runners-up get to have their games installed for a field trial at the three casinos that sponsor the contest. That installation can lead to major success for the developers with their contest-winning games. It should also be noted that the constant development of new table games and side-bets is an integral function to the continued success of the Table Games industry.

What has been the feedback of your conference after it’s first two years?

I guess the best way to answer that question is to quote what two extremely influential figures in the Table Games and Game Protection sectors have said about their experiences at the conference:

(These quotes are taken from the conference website with the knowledge of both people that their quotes would be made public)

Bennie Mancino, Global Table Games Leader and Lifetime Achievement Award winner for service to the Table Games industry and of the “B in the Know Table Games and Much More podcast”

“The Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference is not your usual stuffed-shirt conference. What it is, is an informative, educational and interactive event.”

Douglas Florence, Game Protection SME, AI Evangelist and recipient of the IACSP Lifetime Achievement Award for Surveillance and Game Protection.

“The Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference is the first and only conference that addresses those two sectors of the industry together. Having attended casino game protection, surveillance and security conferences throughout the world, as well as table game management and protection from the gaming floor’s perspective, Richard Marcus’s event has truly achieved this combined format. The quality and experience of the speakers were top-level, bringing both aspects of the table games and game protection arenas together rather than the singular courses that had previously been offered. Seeing the interaction of the senior-level table games and surveillance executives with their staff discussing the subject matter of the educational sessions was a rewarding experience. It was a true mixture of all the elements including the game protection manufacturers, software and game developers’ participation without a penalty from the conference staff. It was a remarkable event and educational opportunity for all levels of casino professionals.”

Can you provide details of how readers can find out more about the 2024 Global Table Games and Game Protection Conference?

People can learn more about the conference by going to its website: https://globaltablegamesprotection.com/ Also they can follow me on LinkedIn, where I continuously post information and updates on the conference as they happen. Anyone with particular questions can email me at richard@globaltablegamesprotection.com.