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Nikolay Kossev Chief Operating Officer at Comfac Technology Options Limited and Juliet Capala - Director of Comfac Global Group chats to Damien Connelly

Probably the most emergent gaming market in the world is the Philippines and nobody is better positioned to capitalize on its growth than Comfac Global Group. It stands ready to help casinos with everything from information technology to furniture, a veritable end-to-end solution. It even has a sustainability wing, Esco International. Recently Comfac got the seal of

approval from Philippine gaming regulator Pagcor. The latter tapped Comfac to crunch big data in order to fairly tax gaming operations. Pagcor even runs the operation out of space provided by Comfac. In this colloquy with Casino Life, Comfac executives expand on the company’s history, its expansion through Australasia and its new initiative to begin conquering the gaming spheres of Europe. Whatever it does, Comfac thinks big.

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Can you explain the role Comfac has with the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation PAGCOR?

Comfac Corporation is one of the 3-member consortium that won the bid in PAGCOR’s project. As a systems integrator, we were mainly responsible for the delivery of the audit platform that collects and analyses all gaming data, and provides PAGCOR the basis for appropriate tax collection. Furthermore, we also provided the office space, systems fit-out, data center, (through the member companies of Comfac Global Group) among other necessary components to run the entire project. We also run the day-to-day activities from a technical standpoint.