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Positively Transforming: Tablish Apps for Casinos

Andy Anderson Managing Director of Tablish chats to Peter White

Digital publishing firm Tablish Ltd. is an emergent force in app development. Its content is tailored to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. But the world of apps doesn’t stop there and Tablish is expanding to stay ahead of the curve. It’s branching out into everything from employee wellness to virtual-reality casino play. “Imagine playing the tables at Bellagio from the comfort of your own home,” enthuses Director Andy Anderson, who has seen demand for  his product accelerate during the Great Shutdown that accompanied Coronavirus. Tablish is involved in everything as routine as inventory tracking or as sexy as sports betting. Nor are its clients merely casinos: They include entities as large as the government of  India. Anderson sat down with Publisher Peter White to discuss the growth of Tablish.

When was the company founded and what was the inspiration behind starting the organisation?
Tablish was formed in 2011 shortly after the launch of the first iPad. We identified this would create an instant demand for publishers wanting to offer their readers a digital solution. After 6 months of development we created a turnkey solution for publishers to provide them easy entrance to the app market. This was our entry into tech and since then we have transitioned to create custom apps in all sectors.
In late 2019 we were acquired by BIPROS who have offices in the UK, USA and India with over 200 developers. They were founded in 2009 and were set up by 6 senior members at IBM and INFOSYS.

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