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Picking the perfect online slot

When playing at a casino - online or offline - you’re likely to notice that the games which get most of the attention are the slot machines. There are several reasons for this, one of which is their versatility. You can only play roulette or baccarat in so many ways, while the slots in an online casino can run the gamut from TV show tie-ins and epic adventure concepts to brightly-colored cartoonish ideas. There’s always a lot to keep the mind occupied, and even if you thought the final season of Game of Thrones dragged a bit, you can be confident that the tie-in slot won’t go mad and destroy King’s Landing.

With that said, our choice of a slot to play should take in more information than simply whether or not we like the look of it. There’s a lot more to consider, and if you’ve got hold of a no deposit bonus at a Michigan online casino, you don’t want to waste it by simply picking a slot that looks good. Instead, you’re going to want to get the most out of whichever slot you pick, and the tips below will hopefully help you make that decision.

Check the type of slot

Not to put too fine a point on it, picking the best online slot really means picking out the one that might pay the most out to you. In practice, that is going to involve picking a slot with as many paylines as possible. Conventional slots have traditionally had three reels spinning vertically with a single line across the middle. More modern slots may have as many as six reels, although five is more common. The lines that cross those reels can number more than twenty, which offers more ways to win - and you can win in many of those ways simultaneously, which compounds your return.

Find out the RTP%

Most casinos will display the RTP% of a slot right there on the site, so you shouldn’t have to look too far to find it out. In the rare instances that they don’t, a brief online search will certainly offer that information. What you’re on the lookout for is a slot with more than 96% RTP, and as far above that as possible. It doesn’t guarantee a win, and if you spin 100 times you’re likely to lose 4% of what you bet - but real wins are more likely the higher the RTP gets, so you’d be unwise not to play the percentages.

Does it have a progressive jackpot?

Again, under the principle that you’re looking to maximize what you can win on an online slot, the machines that you should be looking for are the ones with progressive jackpots. These amounts could end up in the millions of dollars, so it makes sense to be one of the people playing the progressive jackpot slots when the random number generator decides to pay out. A secondary question to this is “What are the bullet points of the progressive jackpot?”. Sometimes, they will be set to pay out on a specific day and even at a specific time, so time your playing sessions for these times.


What is your own experience?

All of the above taken into account, sometimes a certain slot at a certain casino just seems to smile on you. There’s no way to explain why, and in the long run maybe it doesn’t matter. But sometimes, you’ll just want to play the slot that has been kindest to you. There is a science to playing slots, but there is a science to anything, and one thing that science knows is that it doesn’t know everything. Sometimes, things go against the grain for reasons we can’t fathom. So if there’s a slot you seem to have better luck with, why not give it your time?