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Online roulette aams pro premium for italian casinos

Casinos in Italy are legal only if they are certified AAMS. So, their best games must be certified AAMS too. Now, one of the best game is the pro premium roulette. The premium pro roulette is the calling card of every gaming room both physical and online ones. A well-managed table brings  prestige and notoriety whilst fame is key to the ever increasing number of casinos on the web.

Classic premium roulette, 3D, live: everything has been tested by the IT teams of the online gaming software companies. Today we witness what was once unimaginable many territorial casinos open their own online sites sometimes to the detriment of their historical headquarters scattered around the country. This brings the best experience, the most exclusive show, the most genuine emotion on the web, just click for any user from all over the world.

The premium online roulette aams is the classic version of the game with the option to make many additional bets to prolong suspense and emotion, as well as multiply the amount you may win in a single spin.

Classic bets of the online premium Roulette

The premium online roulette aams includes 2 types of bets:

The simple bets placed on the board before the ball starts spinning

The additional bets made by placing chips on an extra table.

This may seem complicated at first but in a few minutes you will be able to play the premium online roulette aams. Those consists of 37 numbers including zero and a straight number pays 36 times the initial bet.

Let's start with simple bets. If you feel very lucky, or have dreamed of a specific number, put your chips on the board, and if your intuition was correct you will cash in your original output times 36! This is called a bet ‘en plein’ referring to the most profitable but also the most difficult strategy to win.

On a premium online roulette aams board you can also place the chips straddling two contiguous numbers and if the ball stops on either of them you will have won. For the triple-fuller finds three consecutive numbers on the board and place your chips on the outside edge of the first number of the series.

The square enables you to bet on 4 numbers by placing the chips at their exact intersection. Then there is the sixth, the column, and the dozen respectively  6 consecutive numbers, all numbers of one of the 3 columns or 12 numbers from one of the three sectors. Other well-known but unprofitable tactics are red and black, even and uneven number or high and low.

Call bets in the premium pro version

If the classic bets of the Premium Roulette pro were not enough to satisfy your desire for play and adrenaline, let yourself be tempted by the on call bets. In the past they were made verbally when the ball had already been thrown. They are made using a smaller board in which the numbers are arranged in the same order as the roulette.

There 17 consecutive numbers called close to zero and the 12 numbers farthest from zero whilst orphans refer to the 8 numbers excluded from those two categories. Finally, there is one last betting possibility allowing you to bet on all the numbers ending with the same digit. There are such diversity and betting combinations on premium online roulette aams online to satisfy the desire of the most discerning players.