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Mobile Gaming Can Change The iGaming Industry Forever

Did you know that 2.2 billion people are playing games on their mobile phones in 2020? Games make up 43% of mobile phone applications, and this number continues to increase day by day. Smartphones are indeed a part of our lives, and we use them for entertainment as well as communication. Moreover, mobile phones are such effective tools that they even change the way some industries operate. iGaming is just one of these industries, and it is shaped by the wishes of mobile gamers nowadays. Below, we provide detailed information on mobile gaming and explain how it has transformed the iGaming industry.

Let’s See Some Statistics First

Before we get started, let's take a look at some statistics about mobile gaming. This information alone is enough to understand the importance of it.

  • Analysts expect the mobile gaming industry to reach a size of $ 76.7 billion by the end of 2020.
  • The biggest market for mobile gaming is in Asia. Chinese players alone generate an income of $ 21.02 billion.
  • Women buy more in-game items sold for real money. Statistics show that 3.3% of men and 4.5% of women buy game items with real money.
  • 53% of internet users between the ages of 45-54 play mobile games, and the vast majority prefer card games.
  • Android is the largest platform for the mobile gaming market, with a 78% share, and 7% of the game developers on this platform are in the United States.
  • 43% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on games. This figure is thought to have increased even more due to Covid-19.
  • The Pokemon GO game makes $ 1.4 million every day.
  • Let's share a statistic that may surprise you: Only 37% of mobile players are male. Women play more.
  • The age groups of the players are also quite different from what you think. 55% of mobile players are 50 and over. Teenagers make up only 8% of the player base.

Why Do We Prefer Mobile Games?

The main reason for this is simplicity and practicality. Playing games on computers is actually quite a daunting task. You need to download a game, install it on your computer, and change many settings to run it the best possible way. If your computer's hardware is outdated, it will not be possible to achieve the desired performance. If you run into a problem, it is very difficult to solve it easily, especially if you have limited technical knowledge. In other words, playing games on the computer can be a challenge in itself and always force you to buy better hardware. Moreover, you cannot start playing right away: You need a table, a comfortable chair, and additional things such as a keyboard & mouse.

Mobil gaming does not have such problems. You download the game from the app store, install it, and click the icon to launch it - that's all. Wherever you are, you can start playing within seconds. You don't have to mess around with complicated settings or worry about performance. You don't need additional devices, and you can start having fun in just a few seconds. Mobile gaming is popular as it offers unrivaled ease and practicality.

How Mobile Gaming Is Changing the iGaming Industry

iGaming is perhaps the industry most affected by mobile gaming. This is because it changes the requirements of online gaming from beginning to end. Casino game development companies previously had to consider many factors, with the operating system and hardware being at the forefront. A game running on one computer could refuse to run on another, and even if it ran smoothly, you always had to update something. Those who played casino games in the early 2000s remember how often they had to update Flash. Since the number of games played over the Internet was limited, you had to install a program on your computer. This alone severely restricted the online gambling experience.

The mobile acting revolution has changed all that. Developers no longer have to worry about the hardware and operating system because games can run on browsers. In other words, you don't have to install an app to play them, just press the “play” button. Touch controls provide a very convenient and immersive experience for casino games. Using your finger to spin the reels in slot games feels much more natural than clicking with the mouse. Try slots by VulkanVegas casino and see for yourself - it's a really different experience. Since compatibility problems are eliminated, developers can focus on games and produce much better quality work. In other words, mobile gaming is completely changing the iGaming industry: Now, companies can focus on developing games that offer the best experience to the player.