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How Have Online Casinos Fared This Pandemic Globally?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the entire world went into lockdown. The casino hubs and other businesses too had to shut down, and economies around the world went into a tizzy. However, even the entertainment and gambling world was in a fix as to whether people will consume their content now or not. With millions losing their jobs, everyone was looking for ways to survive. At that time, we saw that the online casino sector was still thriving and how! People began checking sites like Betfair, Betfred, and reading their reviews as they prepared to bet.

Where was the Change Visible?

The big change was visible when organizers began canceling major sporting events. The physical gambling venues followed suit and mean the online gambling had taken over. But this also triggered many problems for the gamblers to look for alternatives. The BBC wrote an article on how gambling online triggered gambling watchdogs to take action. This led to the ban on the use of credit cards and e-wallets like PayPal in gambling in Great Britain from April 14.

Was just this grim result visible as a change in the online gambling circles? No. GamStop saw a rise of 15% from the former gamblers seeking self-exclusion. This said, since the lockdown began, there has been a rise in the ads for online casinos. It is also true that the number of searches online for casinos has increased in the last 30 days itself. It is true that in this rush to check out new casinos, people often ignore reading reviews. For instance, a casino like Betfred with a lot of experience in this iGaming field too has reviews. We recommend visiting OLBG's Betfred casino page, as it provides everything you need to know, including how to open an account, their offer, accepted payment methods, and an independent real user review. Likewise, they also offer such elaborate reviews on all top and reliable casinos for the gamers to remain safe.

This review reading is of paramount importance to the players since it gives a better understanding of the casino’s license and security-related parameters.

Has the Overall Figures in Sportsbooking Scene been as Heartening?

No. The entire sports world felt a big impact when the events were canceled. But this did not mean that people could not bet on virtual sports. The simulation gaming firm WhatifSports claimed to get a rise in sales by 25%. This shows that virtual games such as Australian Rugby and Aussie Rules Football have also seen a rise in use and popularity.

The virtual sporting and e-sports scenario has seen a rise in popularity over these times when people cannot bet on live events. Though the punters and bookmakers are not very upbeat about how long this charm will last, they are nevertheless, occupying and betting as much as they can now.

While so far, land-based casinos were thriving alongside the virtual casinos, now even a bigger portion of customers have made the switch to online sites. With the lockdown in place, the Las Vegas Strip wore a desolate look for as many as three months before reopening. However, with transport and other restrictions in place, these casinos are still not seeing the regular traffic. Moreover, the online casinos are doing their best to offer every type of compensation to the gamers so that they do not miss the charm of the gaming happening in real casinos.

In short, as per a report by the Gambling Commission, the sports bets fell by 31%. But the virtual sports betting got up by 40%. This is a figure that spells some hope in the punters and the game developers as a whole.

How does the Game Developers See this Phase?

Now let us talk about the game developers and evaluate how this pandemic has turned their fortunes. Yes, it has been a happy time for them, especially in the case of the top game developers like Microgaming, which is constantly developing more titles. They are looking at expanding to newer domains and come up with innovative titles and get featured in the top online magazines too.

To sum it up, while the overall pandemic has had a negative impact, the iGaming and online gaming sector has had an unseen benefit.