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Over the past few years, gambling has grown in popularity. More and more people are adopting it as a pastime activity or a way of earning a few extra dollars on the side. With the current CoronaVirus (COVID-19) crisis, online gambling is currently one of the most indulged in online activities.

Technological advancements have also revolutionized all sectors of our economy, and the gambling industry has not been spared. Some significant changes have taken place in the past few years, and these trends have continued into 2020.

The year is still in its early phases, and it is not too late to feed into the ongoing gambling trends.

In this article, we're going to highlight the various trends that have taken the gambling industry by storm.

Growth of online gambling

We are in an era where a majority of the world's population own smartphones. Apart from making calls and messaging, smartphones come with features that support a variety of activities. For example, as the paradigm shift from analogue to digital continues, more people are using their phones to access online casinos and enjoy a variety of games such as online slots, among others.

It is during critical times such as this when brick and mortar casinos were forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that online gambling has taken over the internet. Website owners are making their sites responsive and easy to navigate, in a bid to increase competitive advantage. It is also to enhance the gambling experience across different customers.

Pay N Play casinos

If the sign-up process is tedious and time-consuming for you, then PayNPlay casinos are your best bet. It is a new phenomenon that is taking the gambling industry by storm.

In PayNPlay online casinos like Goslotty, players enjoy games without the need for registration. The player uses Trustly to deposit money from their account into the website directly.

What's even better is that withdrawals are instantaneous. Also, in case a deposit has been made, and a player takes a break from playing, they can access the money later by logging in and verifying themselves via their bank account.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the hottest trends of 2020. It is, particularly successful in other forms of gaming and has now crept into gambling.

What is most striking about this technology is that it takes players to a new reality and gives them an immersive experience into the world of gambling. Poker is an excellent example of a casino game that is making use of virtual reality. To take the gambling experience to unimaginable heights, the option of having several players in one virtual environment is available.

Since virtual reality is still at its infancy stages, the gambling industry is excited to witness other possibilities from this amazing technology.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is an integral part of the gambling world. It has been largely used to improve customer satisfaction and to attract new customers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have largely been used in awarding casino bonuses. Depending on the amount of money a player is looking to gamble, AI helps determine a fair amount of bonus to offer them.

Depending on a player's browsing history and previously played games, AI can offer players suggestions on the games that are likely to tickle their fancy. Also, due to the security concerns of online gaming, AI and ML comes in handy to assist with fraud detection and prevention.

Increase in live dealer games

Before the emergence of online casinos, gamblers used to flock physical casinos to enjoy some of their favorite games. However, with the advancements in technology, there is an increase in live dealer games like slots and blackjack.

Previously, online casinos made use of random number generators to deal cards. However, it did not sit well with the majority of players. They feared the possibility of fraud and foul-play. As such, gambling websites introduced live streaming, where human dealers were involved. Thanks to this invention, gamblers can have the same casino experience in the comfort of their homes.