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Fast Payout Casinos

Winning is one of life’s greatest joys. Everybody loves to win. When it comes to casinos, the ability to cash out one’s winnings has acquired a status and phrase all of its own: to break the bank. The most famous use of this phrase in relation to casinos relates to a period around the year 1880/81. An English businessman, Joseph Jagger, is said to have "broken the bank at Monte Carlo” after winning what in today’s money would be about

€8.5 million (US$10.3 million) playing roulette.

‘Breaking the bank’ applies more to land-based casinos than online, but the principle is the same — when a customer wants to cash-out, the casino has to be able to pay them their cash. For online casinos, one of the most important choices players make about which online casino to choose is based on which casinos are fast payout casinos. Quick payouts have become increasingly important to customers.

The Importance of Online Casinos Paying Out Quickly 

After sign-up bonuses and exciting promotions, fast payout is one of the most important factors that decides if a player will choose your online casino. Fast payout online casinos tend to have more payment options.

Having more payment options is always a good sign that a slot site will have fast withdrawals. As a result, fast payout casinos also tend to have a more reputable brand.

The faster an online casino pays out, the better player reviews that online casino will have. Players avoid online casinos with poor reviews, and they avoid online casinos that payout slowly; and rightly so. If a player wins, the money they have won is their money. If a player wishes to cash out immediately, they should be able to do so. In fact, any online casino that does not pay out quickly should be avoided by players.

Increasingly, jurisdictions are looking to tie-in their online casino licensing to fast payouts. This is to ensure the players in their jurisdiction are fairly treated and well looked after by the companies who own and operate online casinos. And there are a huge number of online slot sites alike — so many, it easily becomes confusing for players to keep track of them. Which is why players rely so heavily on online reviews to decide which online casinos to play with.

Trust Verified Player Reviews 

In today’s world, everything and anything online should be immediate. Waiting two or three days for a player to receive the winnings they have won is not reasonable. Not when interbank transfers are also digital and immediate. If you are an online casino player, make sure you only play in fast payout online casinos. Check the verified reviews provided by other players to make sure you select a reputable, licensed fast payout online casino.