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Exotic types of gambling

Speaking about gambling, we most often recall poker, roulette, or slot machines. But in the world, there are such types of Gclub gambling entertainment that you do not even know about. For us, they are exotic, although, for the average Australian - to bet on the outcome of the sea crabs racing is quite an ordinary activity.

These games are often illegal and bypass current state bans. Let's get acquainted with the world of exotic gambling entertainment.

Slot machines


Pachinko is a kind of gaming machine, reminiscent of a mixture of the familiar "one-armed bandit" and vertical pinball. The game proceeds as follows: metal balls are poured into the machine from above, and the player, using the lever, controls the speed of their firing on the playing field. Balls roll down the maze, and most of them go to waste, but at least one hits the target and brings a gain (some number of the same balls).

You cannot officially receive the cash equivalent of a win. Balls are used to continue the game or are exchanged for prizes (lighter, perfume bottle, etc.) However, often shops (controlled by the yakuza) are opened near the pachinko halls, where they exchange gifts for money.


Racing attracts gambling people around the world. Betting on the outcome of the horse race is the privilege of aristocrats, and betting on the donkey race is traditional Pakistani entertainment. We have selected the most unusual types of races that can only be found in the world.

Cockroach Racing

For racing, giant Madagascar cockroaches 6-10 cm long are usually used. They are considered one of the fastest not only among their species but also among all insects.

The most popular cockroach racing won in Australia. It is believed that entertainment originated in the small town of Brisbane, where local students staged insect races. This fun has become so popular that cockroach competitions are broadcast on Australian national television, and the Australian Cockroach Race Day is celebrated annually on January 26th.

Crab Racing and Goat Runs

 Crab races and goat races are a traditional attraction for residents of Trinidad and Tobago (an island nation in the southern Caribbean), which is held annually on Easter and gathers many tourists. Despite the fun participants, these competitions are the lucrative business of Tobago.

Guinea pigs racing

 Guinea pig races are gambling street entertainment in Colombia. The rules are as simple as possible: numbered houses are set on the ground, and everyone wants to bet on which one the animal will run into. The attraction is designed primarily for tourists, for which the competition of pigs is a curiosity.

Pigeons racing

Taiwan is considered to be the birthplace of feathered competitions, where such competitions have been held for several centuries. Locals organize about 500 races every week, and on the island, there are 2-3 million sporting birds. They begin to train pigeons in two and a half months, and by four they can already participate in competitions.