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Evolution & Popularity of Casino Without License in Sweden

With the emerging trends and popularity of casinos without licenses in Sweden, people often wonder how ‘casino utan svensk licens” gained prevalence over those casinos with a Spelpaus license. It can be understood by a situation - Suppose there is a playing cafe in Joel’s building but Joel is restricted to play at that cafe. Or even if he’s allowed to play, there are various restrictions such as the timing, price limit, etc. So, what would Joel do? He would search for a different playing cafe that covers all the grey areas.

The above-given scenario is the same in casinos without a license as people get attracted to these online casinos because of the varied benefits it provides.

H2 - What is a casino with a license?

The new Swedish Gambling Act of January 1, 2019, came into effect to regulate the gambling laws in the country. According to the Act and the Swedish government, people were getting addicted to the casino sites. Also, the government found various problem gamblers. Hence, the Swedish government came up with a new concept where they imposed various restrictions while playing at casinos with a Swedish license.

The players who choose to play in a casino with a Swedish license have to go through a 3-second waiting rule, deposit and withdrawal limits, gambling limitations, and many more.

H3 - What is a casino without a license?

Many people think that a casino without a license is entirely illegal, and a casino without a license doesn’t have a license only. Perhaps, both scenarios are untrue, and playing at an online casino without a license is entirely legal. Also, the casino without a license is a casino with a license from various other countries such as UKGC, Curacao, and Malta. If an unlicensed casino or no account casino has the license from offshore governments or authorities, the limitations and restrictions become less.

H3 - Why are casinos without licenses becoming popular during Covid-19?

A casino without a license is equivalent to an online casino that holds the offshore license. So that players enjoy their time at the casino without having to worry about anything. There are various reasons why no license casinos are gaining popularity, and a few of them are listed below:

  • Pandemic itself: Though the world had adopted digital advancement long back, it was still on the verge of accepting more. When the coronavirus hit the world as a whole, people were quarantined at their respective places. Nobody was allowed to move, citing the surge of coronavirus cases. It became tough for a player to go to the physical or brick-and-mortar casino, specifically, to try their hands at the games. The players switched to online casinos or casinos without licenses precisely because of the varied benefits.
  • Convenience: Who likes to travel for hours and then land up in a casino when one can get the same experience from his/her couch? With the live dealer games providing the natural land-based casino feel, many players shifted to online casinos.
  • License: These casinos hold the license from one of the premier authorities. The authorities provide licenses to the casino based on specific criteria such as gaming experience, software, types of games, payout duration, etc. If a casino matches the level of standards set by foreign authorities, then the authorities provide these casinos with the license.
  • Many rewards: A player will never get bored of playing because of the various games and bonuses. A casino without a license provides multiple bonuses such as a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spins, referral bonus, VIP points, etc.
  • Secured and trustworthy: Most offshore or unlicensed casinos use 128 SSL technology to ensure complete data protection. To put it in simple terms, Whatsapp also uses SSL as one of its encryption methods. However, Whatsapp has changed its privacy policy, but it becomes super-hard for any hacker to attack the app. The same applies in these casinos.

H3 - Why choose Casino Without License over Casino With License?

There are various, and one of the main reasons is the bonus; you get introduced to many bonuses. Below is a comprehensive differentiation between casino without license and casino with a license in Sweden:

No 3-second rule:

There is a rule called a 3-second rule in a licensed casino where a player is not allowed to play for a given time. In short, a player must wait for 3 seconds before placing any second bets. While in a casino without a license, you will never find any concept like a 3-second rule. To learn more about any such rules and each minute details about casinos without a license, you can check Casinofox.se.

Lots of bonuses:

 In a casino with a license, you can only avail one bonus at a time, but you can get various bonuses with an unlicensed casino. Some of the most popular bonuses at unlicensed casinos are a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, free spin, reload bonus, cashback, etc.

Easy registration, deposit & withdrawal limit, etc.:

You don’t require to submit various forms or documents that a licensed casino usually needs. Also, there is a minimum deposit limit with a licensed casino as compared to an unlicensed casino. Many players who wish to play with massive amounts face trouble at a licensed casino. The same remains the case with withdrawal.


Very few casinos without licenses require KYC and BankID. But, a casino with a license requires a lot of documents before withdrawal and deposit as well. Many players wish to maintain their privacy due to unwanted fraudulent hackers.

H3 - Final words

Players always prefer a casino without a license because of its easy registration process, deposit and withdrawal process, no 3-second rule, various bonuses, and a lot more.