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Change Management

Change Management By Shaun McCamley

Do you need to rethink operational process and practise?  Change Management, a resourceful process to improve properties’ gross gaming results and a process I am often asked to explore with clients looking to improve bottom line results. So what is Change Management and by implementing change what are the benefits and will it improve your bottom line results?

Before we explore Change Management and its deliverables, we need to step back and look at what’s happening on casino floors today. As an industry veteran who started as a dealer in one of London’s Mayfair clubs back in the 1970’s, at times I just cannot believe what I’m seeing on casino floors today. $4 chips, $2.50 minimums on roulette, $15 and $35 minimum bets on Black Jack and trainee’s let loose on tables with only 3 weeks training seem to have become the norm. We seem to have lost a key principle in gaming of keeping things simple for staff and players alike.

Over the years the industry has moved to appointing people to senior casino management positions with little to no hands on casino experience rather, the trend has been toward accounting or analytical backgrounds. The flow on from this over time sees scenarios where personnel moving into and through casino management have never actually dealt games, and as a consequence have little understanding of what the basics are from the grass roots level. Getting back to basics like dealers having decent chip handling skills is why transformational change in the work place has become so important, this leads us into the need for a Change Management approach. So looking at your business do you need to go through this process, and what does it really involve?

Image: Shaun McCamely Founder & Managing Partner Euro Pacific Asia Consulting Ltd

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