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Casino Life magazines Damien Connelly attends the Casual Connect conference in Amsterdam



Damien Connelly was invited by the Casual Games Association to be an Indie Prize judge at the most recent Casual Connect conference in Amsterdam (http://europe.casualconnect.org/).

One of the indie game developers Damien met with was Sherman Sall, CEO and Founder of TouchSpin Casino. Mr. Sall is experienced in successfully developing and launching a licensed, full mobile casino platform.

Currently at the Beta development stage, Texas Reels is initially intended for mobile, and offers a rich and intriguing combination of slot and table game play…thus the ‘hybrid’ name!

Sherman Sall, CEO and Founder of TouchSpin Casino

Texas Reels is fluid and easy to play on touch-screen tablets/smartphones, with a wide variety of bonusing and social media interactions built-in. Ultimately, Texas Reels could even be capable of transferring from mobile devices to slot machines, and one day become the perfect slot multi-player seen in land based casinos worldwide - much the same as today’s multi-roulette. Why not? After all, if slot machine games can be transferred onto mobile devices, then games developed for the mobile platform (if successful enough) will be reverse engineered into slot machines.

As our industry evolves, it is already very apparent that tomorrow's licensed casino gaming offerings will not be restricted to physical slot machines and tables.