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Casino games vs Sports betting in the US

Legal sports betting has taken off once again in the US after being confined to Nevada for decades. With a record number of American’s expected to place bets on the NFL this season, the long-awaited legalization of sports betting in more than half of the fifty states has opened a multibillion-dollar market. The effects of the coronavirus have also encouraged bettors to move their activity online which has seen a jump in the popularity of casino gaming. Pennsylvania is one of the fastest growing markets and according to data published by the American Gaming Association the total gross gaming revenue of Pennsylvania casinos amounted to approximately USD 3226.92 million in 2017. For this reason, the state is expected to increase the number of downloads of various online casino games and add more revenues to the overall online gambling market.

There are of course differing benefits for bettors depending on their use of casino games or sports betting. Casinos will always have the mathematical advantage over wagering players due to the “house edge”. To help turn a profit, casinos must win more than their player, so the odds are generally in favour of the casino itself. These profits do of course help casinos deliver a better gaming experience for players. The benefits of casino games however often add up to higher pay-outs as players are able to win huge jackpots from smaller wagers.  

How do the odds work?

Sports betting odds are worked out differently to casino games. Rather than mathematics, odds are decided based on the probability of a particular event happening. For example, when betting on UFC, the odds of a fighter winning by KO/TKO or winning in a certain round is based on the skill of the fighter and his previous form in that market rather than being randomly generated. If you are a fan of MMA, you are able to make a sound decision on what markets to back. In short, casino games require an element of luck whereas sports betting requires knowledge of the sport at hand to make informed choices.

Play time

One benefit that casino games have over sports betting is play time. As casino games in the US move online and expand their market, all you need is your phone, tablet or laptop and you can play at home or on the move. It goes without saying that sports betting does not afford this luxury as you need to wait for the game to be played before you see a return. The immediacy of casino gaming appeals greatly to players, available 24/7, 365 days of the year. There has been a wider expansion of sports betting however with bettors now able to wager on hundreds of different sports. If you are knowledgeable of some more niche sports, then you are likely to be able to find a market that appeals to you most days.

What markets are on offer?

Whilst there are thousands of different slots games along with classic casino games like roulette, blackjack and craps, some bettors may still feel like there is not enough multiplicity and that many of the games resemble one another. For those who do feel this way, the expanding betting markets in sport may be a lot more exciting. Due to the sheer number of sports available to wager on with sportsbooks, the possibilities are near on limitless. You have your classic wagers like the moneyline, spread and total in all ball sports which you can also combine in parlays and teasers. However, what is even more exciting is player props. For example, when betting on an NFL game you can wager on the number of receiving yards for teams’ specific WRs and TEs or the number of interceptions a QB will throw. With that being said, the number of games that online casinos offer is huge and still growing, so there really is something for everyone.

The increasing number of states that are welcoming legislation legalizing sports and casino gaming means it is an exciting time to play and wager. With 29 states already having some form of legal gambling and even more ready to usher it in, in 2022, it has never been easier to get started. Simply download your sportsbook of choice (we choose Draftkings), create your account and you are ready to deposit and win.

Choosing whether you wager on sports or casino games is entirely up to you. If you are less knowledgeable on sports however, then casino gaming is probably your best bet, no pun intended. If you are a sports whizz, then try your hand at sports betting. Either way, you can keep yourself entertained and win huge cash prizes at the same time.