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Edwin Ford, Sales & Marketing at Endon Technologies Ltd chats to Peter White

Endon Technologies has come a long way—halfway around the globe, in fact. A company which was previously focused on the Pacific Rim, it is now headquartered on the Isle of Man and has its sights set on conquering new markets. It’s hardly a newcomer, though, having been in the business for over 20 years. A leading provider of casino games to the Internet, Endon’s suite of products is characterized by catchy titles evocative of martial-arts movies, like Eagle Shadow Fist and The Mariachi 5.

What are your main markets for Endon Technologies games and what are your plans for entry in other jurisdictions in 2021?

Real Time Gaming’s historic marketplace has been the Far East. By obtaining the Isle of Man license it provides us with a well respected, EU time zoned base to extend our offering further afield including serving those regulated operators who demand their chain to be licensed. Thereafter Endon will add local licenses in jurisdictions which povide the best commercial opportunities.

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