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The boom of online casinos in japan with Vera & John as their leaders

Gambling is an ambiguous subject in Japan. Despite Japan's penal code formally prohibiting gambling, gambling opportunities are everywhere. What is causing this boom? Let's examine the reasons in this article.

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Smartphones provide an easy access

Due to the high level of income of consumers in the region, smartphones are driving the Japanese online gambling market. Due to this, mobile-friendly online gambling applications have been launched, resulting in increased market growth. As a result of Google Play allowing downloadable gambling apps from March 2021, online gambling in Japan is undoubtedly on the rise.

Opportunities in the Online Casino Market in Japan

As far as online casino markets in Japan are concerned, they are not saturated. Non-Japanese online gambling brands will benefit from new opportunities to navigate this market in a way that Japanese companies cannot. In recent years, operators from across the wider gaming industry have shown increased interest. Some entities have also already made their mark in this emerging market, such as Vera & John online casino.

There are many illegal online gambling sites in Japan. There seems little appetite on the part of the government and law enforcement officials to address this issue or amend laws that are no longer suitable for restricting online gambling.

As Google allows gambling apps in Japan for online casino games, lotteries, sports betting, and eSports, the growth of online gambling continues. This is especially true since the past pandemic locked people inside and prevented them from visiting racetracks and other gambling venues. As a result of this situation, Japanese gamblers began to look at new markets to gamble in.

Steps towards Gambling Legalization

Politicians in Japan have been considering legalising gambling in the country over the last few years. The potential passage of pro-casino legislation is believed to bring extra capital but may also encourage excessive gambling. Furthermore, the Japanese Government believes gambling would assist the country in finding better economic stability if approved. After years of financial depression, legalisation in the country will also help Japan consolidate its growth. However, gambling activities remain illegal in the country, whose future is still up for grabs.

Horse racing, pachinko, lottery, and football pools are already legal forms of gambling in Japan, but the country also wants a real online casino experience. We hope this situation will be clear rapidly so everybody can benefit from legalising gambling in Japan.