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Bitcoin Dice Odds

As every experienced casino player will tell you, never wager on a game unless you understand it’s odds. That statement is also true for bitcoin dice games, and they’re often stacked in favor of
the casino. For this reason, you should consider yourself a good casino player if you manage to outmatch a land-based casino in blackjack or dice games.

While learning the skills can be difficult for some players, some gamblers can do an outstanding job in beating the odds, especially at a bitcoin casino. That means understanding the odds and
learning what it takes to device winning strategies.

Understanding Bitcoin Dice Odds

If you’ve been around the bitcoin community for a while, then you must have noted that Bitcoin dice is the most popular game for gamblers. Most of these gamblers use familiar dice betting strategies besides the Martingale, Alembert, and the Paroli.

What makes dice popular among bitcoin casino enthusiasts is that it’s easy to play, with straightforward rules and challenging gameplay. Gamblers can also devise their own ways to win
dice games, which explains why many bitcoin gamblers are tempted to try their luck.

While different sites offer different variations of bitcoin dice, you’re going to be wagering on whether a roll results in a higher or lower number than what you predict. That means you
personally choose your odds before every roll, and obviously, your payout increases as the risk continues getting high.

Bitcoin dice games come with a shallow house edge of about 1%. That means 99% of the money goes to the players. Even better, the buy-ins for games are very flexible, ranging from a few
mBTC to large stakes in full BTC. However, you need to have a strategy when playing bitcoin dice if you want your bankroll to increase.

Bitcoin Dice Strategy
As mentioned earlier, bitcoin dice isn’t a hard game to play. The game only has two possible results according to your choice, making it easy to spot patterns. For example, you might spot a
run of low numbers, and given that these results are based on probability, a high number won’t be far behind. It’s up to your skills to follow the flow and make betting decisions based on the
previous results.
Although betting systems are something that most people associate with traditional casino games like poker and roulette, few works wonderfully with bitcoin dice. Most of these strategies apply
for most casino games, though they’re best suited for bitcoin dice as the betting caps can get huge. However, don’t forget there’s a house edge in bitcoin dice, so it’s always advisable to quit
while you’re ahead.
Bitcoin Dice Betting Systems
● The Martingale System
A popular betting strategy used in roulette, the Martingale system, advises you to double your wager each time you lose a bet until you win. That means you’ll easily recover from your
previous losses whenever you win. However, this strategy runs into trouble when there are betting limits in a game that you continue losing.
For example, when you’re having an unlucky run and double your wager until you reach the maximum table limit, then you might not recover the losses. However, reaching the table limit
without winning may be a good sign that it’s time to quit or change the strategy.
● Reverse Martingale
While working similarly to the Martingale betting system, the reverse Martingale advises you to double your stake when you win and decrease it each time you lose. This smart bitcoin dice
betting system favors players who don’t have a very big bankroll.
● Oscar’s Grind
This bitcoin dice betting system teaches you to wager the same amount every time you lose and double the bet when you win. The idea is to never try to get more than a unit in dividends,
compared to your losses.
Odds & Probability (Provably Fair)
When betting, remember that bitcoin dice is a game of chance, so winning isn’t guaranteed. That because every bitcoin casino ensures there is provably fair gameplay in their titles, even though
constant losses might frustrate you into thinking that there are mechanical manipulations by the casino. As such, the players and the casino have no control of the game results regardless of the
amount you wager.
Due to provably fair gameplay in most casinos, there’s no way to predict the results accurately. However, playing the odds and wisely calculating probabilities can significantly increase your
chances of winning a bitcoin dice game.
For those having trouble finding patterns, you can try wagering on the opposite. For instance, if you previously hit “Roll Under,” try “Roll Over” after it and try to note if there’s any pattern.
Alternatively, you can choose to continue betting “Roll Under” until you lose. It might not be the most sophisticated bitcoin dice betting strategy, though it helps to notice certain game patterns.