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The best Baccarat strategies for maximizing your success

It’s awkward but it’s true: Baccarat is the casino game that even most regular casino players tend to ignore. If you were to imagine online casino guides as a person actually walking you around a casino, they’d spend a lot of time telling you which slots were the best to play, how to get the best from the roulette wheel, where and how to play blackjack and poker, and then they’d say “and over there, that’s baccarat” and then move on. But whether you are betting at in2bet.com.cy or at an actual brick-and-mortar casino, you should seek to remember that baccarat is there for a reason, and that experienced bettors do like to play it on a semi-regular basis.

Let’s not go overboard in talking about the tactics of baccarat. This is, after all, a game which asks one thing of you - to bet and then watch as the game unfolds. You perform literally no analysis when looking at the table or the cards - it all happens automatically. So from a tactical point of view, it’s not the most cerebral casino game you’re going to play. Does that mean you can’t give yourself a better chance of winning? No - and we’ll explain to you what you should and shouldn’t do when aiming to make the most of the baccarat table now.

(Almost) never bet on the Tie

You can make one of three choices when playing baccarat online: the Banker, the Player or the Tie. The latter of these three choices offers the biggest payouts, giving you 8 times your stake if it comes off. So why do other bettors advise you not to bet on it? Because it happens far less often than once in every eight hands, and you’re awarding a huge edge to the house by picking it. If you were to bet on the Tie every hand for 100 hands in a casino, you’d usually end up poorer to the tune of 14.36%. In other words, if you bet $10 per hand a hundred times in a row, you’d lose $143.60, and quite possibly a lot more.

You can allow yourself the occasional speculative bet on a tie if you’ve won several times and are up on the casino by 5-10 times your stake. But even then it’s not the best bet.

Pick a hand and stick to it

Successful betting is about managing probability. There is a roughly even chance that the Banker or the Player will win (slightly tilted in favor of the Banker). If you change your bet between hands, then you’re messing with probability. It might work in your favor, but you’re adding another random element to a game that is random enough to begin with. You should pick a preferred hand and keep betting on it because that is the best way to ensure that you’ll back a winning hand in the shortest time. To be more specific, you should bet on the Banker most of the time, because over the course of 100 hands, it will win a little more often.

Try the Martingale strategy

Does any strategy work in baccarat? Well, it depends what you mean by “work”. Nothing will guarantee a win, but in line with the above policy of sticking to one bet, the Martingale works roughly as well as anything else. Try to stick with a lowish stake to begin with, because the Martingale works by doubling your stake each time. If you bet and lose $2, your next bet should be $4, because you will then be $2 up if you win. If you lose again, you’d bet $8 next time, and be $2 up if you won then. The worry to look out for is that by doubling your stake each time, you can lose a lot if you go on a bad run. Even if you start by betting $2, nine consecutive losses would have you more than $1000 down, so don’t keep doubling down