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Baldur’s Gate 3: Early Access Review

Larian Studios brings you the next ambitious instalment into the hit RPG to beat the releases. The Early Access version of Baldur’s Gate 3 gives a darn the good first impression of what to expect from this next entry in the series. But does it hold up promises for the full release and it’s better to play simple games  like twin win slots online? Or is there still a long way to go to make it another big seller to the genre?It’s time for you to dig deep into druids, elves, magic and dark fantasy action, even if the glaring problems appear much sooner than you think.

Dungeon and Dragons-inspired

The D&D aesthetic is very apparent in the game. This is one of its main selling points as both a homage to the genre as well as a more diverse setting. However, you will find it yourself that the options offer very little compared to the full board game experience. If you want to play a magic-user, the limited spells and inability to wear strong armour can make the first few levels rather difficult to get through.

Even hurting enemies with little hit points can make fights tougher than necessary. Playing as a fighter can be much simpler. Perhaps too simple, as in you have the ability to fight with little else available. What they do perfectly compared to most RPG’s, is that it still feels like a real fight. The fights can be challenging. Too much of a challenge, almost. So here is where the Role-playing comes in the RPG aspect.

Plot Development

Sometimes it can take some outside the box thinking to get out of a scenario. Similar to elements from Bioware games, except taken to a more intricate degree. Through dialogue options, you can decide how elements of the story pan out. Taking it a step further, you can control elements of the story through attribute checks: stuff like Intelligence and charisma, the kind of stats you use in D&D. The game will let you roll for these checks to see if you pass or fail the opportunities.

An Intelligence Check

There is one situation you can sort out in the game involving a mind flayer. If you pass an intelligence check, you can create an exciting opportunity to find out more about the mystery surrounding the adventure. If you fail, you may run into a more difficult fight or perhaps lead to a more boring encounter. It’s up to you to create a more diverse and interesting adventure.

Unfortunately, some of these checks can create situations that certainly haven’t been thought out. For example, if you pass the intelligence test with the mind flayer, he starts reaching into your brain and taking you to a weird world. However, your party members don’t seem to react to this or take any consideration for your well-being.

Other Interactions

There will be situations where party members will have no interaction or may even downright despise you at times. A lot of scenes will have little to no substance that helps paint a clearer picture of the scenario. This is something that, in a regular real-life D&D campaign, your imagination will fill in the blanks. But in a video game, the devil is in the details. Or at least a mind flayer should be.


The graphical updates are what have truly drawn people’s attention. At first glance, the graphics are truly something else. Larian Studios have made full advantage of their new engine to move away from their smaller-scale games like Divinity: Original Sin. The characters have vibrant facial features, incredible designs and a highly-resolute backdrop to surround them in. When you look further, the animations accompany this to make the characters feel alive.

The dialogue in the game can be your run of the mill cheese with tons of tropes mixed in. It has certainly made this game to be the most exotic and vibrant RPG of this generation and mpressive for an early access version as well. It means you could be in for so much more if any lingering graphical issues get cleaned up.

Advantages and Drawbacks

So, what do you have when you mix all of this together? As an early access version, you can certainly find yourself immersed in a fantasy world that is packed with awe-inspiring visual detail both with the gameplay as well as the story cutscenes.

However, what this game is truly lacking is the substance: the detail needed to flesh out a truly immersive experience. Graphics are incredible, but the world needs to feel alive. Choices and decisions can create more interesting routes. But the decisions need to have more weight and involve the characters in a way that makes sense.

To Sum Up

Baldur’s Gate 3 has the potential to be a great star in the RPG lineup. Without the fuel to give it that extra sparkle, it could blow out fairly quickly with disappointment.