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Arrgh! Why am I so UNLUCKY?...Well?!


It's true. Just as I moved ( after 10 years ) from being an engineer to a career in sales there was a recession!...Then a decade later just when I was becoming a City trader (No experience necessary) there was another one...Then (another 10 years) I joined Reuters just as another slow down was spoiling everything. And so it has continued....poor me!

Well actually....no. You see the strange thing has been each time, without fail, an unexpected twist at the heart of the maelstrom has accelerated my life's journey towards some wonderful new rainbow coloured horizons...and this has spun off to my family...my teams...my co-workers (and me). Don't ask me why but its such a repeating phenomenon that I can't wait to see what happens this time. It's not just me either....its something which is available to everybody (You?) who wants to join in the fun (and probably get rich). Forget China (a great excuse) and American politics (you could if you wanted to) Russia (now has a 7x speed of sound bomb so you won't know you're not here any more) and Brexit (You thought they knew what they were doing..Hah!)...and Apple going rotten? (I don't think so- remember another overpriced computer and their market beating strap line "Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" and they flourished) so forget the excuses ...lets go!!

Here are some facts: 

Friday afternoon is the best time of the week for B2B Cold calling.  There is no evidence that in tough times customers stop buying.  Cutting your prices does not bring in loads more business. Rich people spend more on luxury goods in recessions....and so on.  Most people sit on their hands in tough times so there isn't so much competition...GREAT

So if you're getting ready for a quiet just-good-enough year with all the global conditions supporting your 'realistic' outlook...you should really have another think. In tough times we all (especially our customers) seek two things above all else: Stability and Confidence. So look at what you're selling....consider how you are going to change your approach to create that feeling of Stability and Confidence and then go and do it (with a smile on your face. It really is that simple. "Surely this is all mumbo jumbo!" you maybe saying. "There must be more to it that". Well certainly there is more that I can show you but this article contains a whopping 75% of life's little secret of success. Read it again and see if you can spot it. Or for the in house immersive session "Blast through to Peak Performance" give me a call and judge by results on the day)

What fun.

Bob Etherington

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