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Are there any smart ways to beat the slot machine?

The first slot machine was invented in the 1880s, and since then the device came a long way — surprisingly, without losing its overwhelming popularity. So, it is only logical that over the years, people were constantly looking for ways to beat the machine. Some say it is impossible; some others believe math strategies can be quite helpful. So, we decided to take the matter in our hands and finally find out who is right.

Urban legends and myths

Over the years of slots popularity, the game has become overgrown with prejudice. One of these urban myths is that casino employees remotely control the machine — they press the magic button and bankrupt the players. If you think of it, though, the whole idea becomes rather ridiculous. Even though it would be possible to come up with a couple of remote control mechanisms, few casinos will bother to do so. For starters, casinos strive on keeping the winning-losing balance, which means that customers cannot be completely unsatisfied. Next, minor user gains are a drop in the ocean for an average casino, and the odds of winning the jackpot are not that high for the owners to care.

Mechanical ways to cheat

Cheating goes both ways, and plenty of gamblers found means to mechanically manipulate the devices. The trickery evolved from simple yo-yo coin on a string to pretty complicated software units to ‘break the code’. Still, even though it is technically possible to cheat slots on site, most machines are under the surveillance, and the trickery may cost you years of incarceration.

Online gambling specifics

Ever since the first mechanical slots were introduced, gamblers racked their brains over the best winning strategies. The truth is — there is none. All slots are absolutely random. In fact, the whole spinning process you see on the screen is for the show only. The second you place your bet, random generator figures out the result. The rest will depend on the site interface and your internet connection. All in all, the whole game is based on sheer luck, and if you want to try yours out, free slots deposit would be a wise start.

Expert betting tips and advice

Even though slot machines are highly unpredictable, it is still possible to point out a couple of useful pointers. The golden rule of any savvy gambler is to leave the game before the lucky streak runs out. Even though it’s difficult to tell for sure, there is still a way to programme the machine to preserve a specified money balance. So, right after you got lucky, the chances of winning again will decrease. Just like after losing some money, the chances of winning will rise. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you have to go on betting after you’ve already lost a dozen of times. Keep a clear head and place your bets cautiously.

The takeaway

All in all, present-day computerised slot machines run on a random number generator. So, there is no sure way to beat the machines — you will have to rely on your luck