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5 Gambling Blogs You Should Follow

Do you want to be a pro in the world of gambling? Having the proper knowledge and up-to-date information can be the difference you need to get from zero to winner. Fortunately, lots of gambling enthusiasts themselves have set up blogs to help fans of the sport.

Although there are plenty of good ones on the list, we’ve chosen five that stand out. Here are five gambling blogs you should bookmark and read right now!

1. Betandbeat: Technical Gambling Content

Betandbeat.com is a platform offering excellent export information from esports and sports betting, to casino games and crypto gambling. They also have a lot of content on poker, blackjack, horse racing, bingo, and even online slots. The interface is modern and minimalist compared to the others, making it easier to navigate. Plus, there are no pop-up ads that clutter the page, so you’ll have an easier time browsing through it.

For the most part, the creators boast of their exciting content that they love. They prefer publishing for their readers and not for the sake of the information. Their passion for sports fuels them to go the extra mile to turn data into easy-to-digest guides and fun-reads. Betandbeat.com also illustrates their gambling guides with incredible illustrations worthy of being looked at, presenting difficult concepts into simple infographics.

2. GamblingSites: Latest Content

GamblingSites is also easy to read because they don’t go ad-crazy on their site. It does look simpler than Betandbeat, but they deliver information well enough. They even have a blacklist gambling site on their homepage to immediately mark it off your betting list.

The team leader works with experienced enthusiasts(now authors) to deliver ideas and projects that are never outdated. They take pride in constant analysis and updating of the betting sites they rank on their page. They mention that they will only rank sites that have a good reputation with high-standards. If you’re looking for a constantly updated site, this one’s for you.

3. The Sports Geek: Interesting Content

The Sports Geek will appear really simple and even old to some visitors, but they speak volumes in terms of content. Scroll further down, and you’ll see graphs presenting the most bet on sporting events. They even have a table for sports that are best to bet your money on.

As their mission implies, they do not rely on uncertain information. Thus you will encounter specific and actionable resources as you skim through their posts. They claim the information they provide is backed up by data that will improve your chances of winning.

Plus, they get a qualified expert for each topic. Be it football or basketball; they make sure to get the right people for the right stuff. Of course, it’s not a 100% assurance, but it’s worth trying.

4. OLBG: Community-Made Content

Popular in the UK for its horse racing sponsorship, OLBG has stood out from being a regular betting site. It was published in 2002 and grew because of its vast sports betting community. The forum they created years ago helped them gain valuable knowledge as each one shared their best tips and practices.

“Let’s beat the Bookies'' is their trademark statement referring to any player that wins a bet. What’s impressive is that they were able to retain a substantial amount of their tipsters. At present, they are counting over 500,000 online sports bettors in their community, with 66,000 prizes won.

Although they love to promote their Cheltenham tips for horse-racing, they still write tips for more than 20 sports. They also include honest user reviews and discussions about online betting sites. Of course, they have 80 licensed bookmarkers to make sure the information shared is indeed helpful.

5. AskGamblers: Transparent Content

This site is relatively easy to navigate since it has a modern take on presentation. Ask gamblers was featured in iGaming Business and was dubbed the “Best Casino Website” from 2016 to 2019. It became popular with its role as an independent casino dispute mediator. They’ve handled around $30,000,000 worth of casino complaints.

Though the information they give doesn’t necessarily differ from the rest, they have the basics and honestly review each one. They bank on their client’s and players’ trust, thus explaining their passion for resolving complaints. They believe in providing trustworthy resources and eliminating any sketchy site.

One unique system they’ve developed is the Casino Rank, a unique algorithm based on transparent user reviews and the number of complaints earned. You’ll find this very helpful in filtering through shady sites that look promising but puts you on the losing end.

Plenty of blogs focus on engaging and connecting, but others take an analytic approach with lots of statistics. Whatever fits your fancy, it’s not a guarantee that every site you find has value. Loving the game is one thing but being able to write about strategy and experience is another.