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Why Smartphones are Taking the Casino World by Storm

There once was a time when the only time to enjoy a game of roulette, Slots, Poker or BlackJack would be donning your penguin suit and spending a fortune at your local casino.

Although a trip to a casino is a very enjoyable experience (especially as the attire laws are somewhat more relaxed these days) the advancement of Smartphones has made the casino world just a tap away.

Three years ago, the Guardian published an article stating that there are 20 million active monthly mobile gamers in the UK with 6.2m playing games on a smartphone every day.

That was in 2013 and just in the UK, Business Matters claim recent reports have suggested that just over 60% of the world’s population have access to some kind of mobile device. The potential market is monstrous and developers have been quick to the point.

Internet speeds and availability the of free wi-fi in numerous locations is also playing a major role in Smartphones dominating the casino world, no longer is going to the casino a niche experience when you can play any casino game in the palm of your hand literally anywhere.

Smartphones are making playing casino games easy, accessible and most importantly fun, with a large amount allowing a free download and numerous joining offers to entice the potential player into investing their time and money in their casino gaming offers. Casino comparison sites such as Your Mobile Casinos make finding said offers extremely easy and as a result, the variety of choice gives consumers a much more fulfilling experience.

The developers of apps themselves are also having to find new ways to attract new and existing players to their offerings due to the large volume of competition out there in the Play Store.

This is working to the consumer’s advantage with better deposit offerings becoming available meaning you actually have a better value for money experience playing on a smartphone than you actually would inside a real casino.

With time, such an important factor in people’s day to day lives, playing casino games on a smartphone is an easy way to dip in and out without having to commit large quantities of time, for example, it has been reported that 27% of Smartphone users play games on their phone during the daily commute.

The number of online casino gamers are rising year on year and with better graphics, bigger screens, quicker download times and enticing offers, those number are showing no signs of slowing down.

A trip to a casino should be something every online casino gamer experiences for real at least once, but one can hardly argue that Smartphones have taken the casino world by storm and look here to stay.