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Understanding Blackjack Odds And Winning Strategies

We all know Blackjack is a simple, fun casino game but casual players may not realise just how much can be won from playing.

It may seem as though you can’t do much with a bad hand or as though you are guaranteed a big win from a five card tick or traditional winning hand but that isn’t always the case – a little strategy goes a long way. Take this Blackjack guide from 888casino for an example, it offers both beginners and novices further insight in how to profit from the game.

A standard game will have six decks of cards and the dealer must take another card (hit) if their hand totals 16 or less – sounds like a good deal but that isn’t always the case. The dealer will show you one of their cards at the point of dealing, this can give you a good insight on whether to hit or surrender your hand; knowing which to do when is key to win at Blackjack.

 There are several betting systems you could incorporate into your strategy to secure the biggest wins but exercise caution when choosing your system. Perhaps the best known system is the Martingale, or doubling system, wherein the gambler doubles their initial bet after every hand until they eventually win – very risky as you could lose all your money before that first win comes.

There are also standardised positive and negative betting strategies. In brief, positive systems see the player increasing their bet after a win and negative sees increases after a loss. Neither are overly successful ways to increase your winnings as you will generally have a 52% chance of losing the hand meaning stringing together chains of wins is incredibly unlikely.

The best way to maximise winnings with Blackjack is not to amend your bet based on your successes or failings – instead, a full understanding of the game is the way to go. For example, many believe you should aim to get as close to 21 as possible in order to win – this isn’t strictly true, all you must do is have a higher final total than the dealer or avoid busting before the dealer busts.

Equally, there is little advantage to be gained from playing the last base before the dealer. If you choose to hit, you will take the card that otherwise would’ve been the dealer’s – all you’ll generate is frustration instead of profits. The same goes for the percentages; they are approximations not guarantees – if you lose five times consecutively, there are no assurances you will win on the next hand. 


There really is no fix on Blackjack, if there was you can be certain the casinos would no longer offer the game. Even the frowned upon Card Counting is virtually impossible with six deck Blackjack; if you firmly believe you can recall the positions of 24 aces throughout a session then by all means try but it becomes incredibly difficult when players come and go changing the number of cards dealt dramatically.

Intelligent play is the only way to secure big wins in Blackjack – just remember, you are playing the dealer not the pack; 21 or Blackjack itself is a great hand but there’s no need to aim for it every time, you could easily win with 15 if the dealer busts. Play conservatively and patiently, the wins may take their time but they will come with practice.