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Our guide to casino bonuses for savvy players

Everyone loves the concept of bonuses. In our day to day activities, the concepts of getting a little something extra on top of what you already have is expected, and it’s a thrilling concept. The same concept is applicable when it comes to online casinos.

Due to the ever increasing number of online casino websites, competition has forced different sites to introduce innovative bonuses, which give players the same giddy highs! For new bettors, this wide variety of bonuses online might make it difficult for them to choose the best type. It even gets harder and frustrating if one chooses a bonus only to discover that you cannot claim it or you have to meet so many unfavourable terms in order to claim them.

This is why it’s important to understand comprehensively the different type of bonuses before you can actually claim them.

What is a casino bonus?

Essentially, a casino bonus is the extra reward that you shall be offered at any casino, in addition to the normal entertainment. The bonus can come in the form of free money, free prizes or free spins.

Why are the different types of casino bonuses?

There are plenty of reasons why bettors choose to play at any online casino. Online casino bonuses, however, remain to be one of the main reasons. Below, we’ve enlisted different types of casino bonuses and matched them with reasons as to why players reward you for that particular type of bonus.

You can win using the welcome bonus

Most of the online casino websites will offer you the sign up or welcome bonus if you like. This bonus comes in different forms. First, you can be awarded a certain amount of money as the bonus money but after making a certain deposit. In some cases, this bonus money might come with a given number of free spins which you’ll have to use on specified games.

In both instances, you shall be rewarded even before you start playing at the online casino. You can them proceed to make your deposit, wager and redeem the bonus money, which you can use to play real money games and win!

You’ll be rewarded for your loyalty

Online casinos will also reward you for being a loyal member through their Loyalty Bonus. This means if you remain committed to one casino, over a long period, you’ll be rewarded for doing what you love best.

Usually, different online casinos have different policies regarding the loyalty schemes, and most of them will have what we refer to as the Loyalty Scheme/Program. The program is normally divided into different tiers. It’s these tiers that will determine how you’ll be awarded the loyalty bonus.

Share the fun news with your friends and win

Not only will some of the online casinos reward you for choosing them, but they shall also reward you for inviting some of your friends so that you can have the fun together! The deal gets better because some casinos go an extra mile to instantly reward your friend for accepting the referral request.

Therefore, if you think you are one of those friends who’s always up to date with the current trends in the online casino sphere, always share the news with your friends and receive the Refer a Friend Bonus – the simple way of enjoying more free play.

No deposit Bonus – Money Free of Any Charges!

A no deposit casino bonus is free money that the online casino will give their new players online. It can as well be a reward for some of the loyal players at the site. This form of bonus can come in the form of bonus cash, free spins, free play, or as cash back.

Since the money is usually given free of charge, the no deposit bonus will not exceed €20.

Claiming the online casino bonus

While the bonus money offered by the casinos is certainly an enthralling prospect, bettors might have to be aware of the wagering requirements that have to be fulfilled before the bonus money or any winnings resulting from it, can be withdrawn.

Wagering requirements are essentially rules which are applied to the different bonuses offered at the casinos. For instance, a casino might offer you a €30 Casumo bonus capped with a wagering requirement of 30×. This means in order for you to withdraw the winnings resulting from the bonus money, you’ll have to wager a total of €900 in total before the €30, and any winnings resulting from it can be available for use.