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Online Sales Help UK Lottery Industry Achieve Record Growth

Lottery sales in the UK reached record levels in 2015, according to a recent report by the country's official governing body, Camelot.

Despite sales in certain areas falling, Camelot revealed that overall activity increased by 4% to the year ending March 2015 and this increase has resulted in revenue of £7.6 billion for the lottery group.

Analysing the recent results, Camelot has attributed the increase in revenue to a number of structural and cultural shifts. Back in 2015, the lottery organisation altered its prize structure and this appears to have encouraged more customers to play.

Guarantees Enthuse the Masses

Although many were critical of the decision to increase the amount of numbers in play, the decision to offer guaranteed payouts of £1 million each week appears to have upped the interest in the game. In fact, according to some in the betting industry, the move to offer guaranteed jackpots is a direct result of the increase in popularity of online gaming.

The latest estimates suggest that the iGaming industry was worth more than $41 billion in 2015 and by the close of 2016 that value will have increased to $45 billion. Offering desktop and mobile betting on everything from casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo and lotteries, the iGaming industry has not only made gaming more accessible, but more lucrative.

Thanks to guaranteed jackpots and bonuses, the average player now has a greater insight into the nuances of gambling and, therefore, expects more when they ante-up. This shift in expectations has resulted in Camelot mimicking the guaranteed jackpot structure that many online betting sites employ to attract new customers.

Online Lottery Sales on the Up

Essentially, there's been a cultural shift among modern gamblers. Thanks to greater access to gaming, more people are now more familiar with how to place bets and, therefore, more likely to purchase things such as lottery tickets.

But that's not all. As well as UK Lotto sales benefitting from a cultural change, Camelot has reported an increase in digital sales to 53% (5596 million). Over the last five years, online lottery sites have made it possible for players to play lotteries of shapes and sizes from the comfort of their computers, Smartphone and tablets.

Indeed, a canny player can now take part in one of the largest lotteries in the world by purchasing Euro Millions tickets online at LottoBooker.com. Aside from making the process of buying a ticket a lot more efficient (thanks to instant debit card payments and weekly subscriptions), the main reason these sites have become popular is because they cater to novices.

Greater Access Equals Great Profits

Regardless of where you live in the world, these sites tell you when draws take place, how much you can win, the number of picks you need to make and, importantly, some background on the game itself.

For example, if you're new to the EuroMillions and want to know more, you can simply go to Lotto Booker and learn how to play the game, why it's a leading lottery (facts such as where you can play tax free) and how the prize structure works.

Knowledge has often been a barrier to entry for novices in the betting world, but online lottery sites have managed to break down this blockade and, in turn, prompt more people to ante-up.

Given the structural changes by Camelot, a general shift in attitudes towards gambling and increased access to games courtesy of online sites, it's hardly surprising lottery revenue in the UK reached record levels in 2015. Indeed, following years of stagnation (and in some cases declines), it's encouraging to see the live/online dynamic is helping to reinvigorate the lottery industry.