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Online Casinos Battle It Out With Promotions

Always fighting to attract and retain players, online casinos offer more promotions than their land-based counterparts.

Online casinos face much fiercer competition with each other than land based casinos. Requiring significantly lower start up costs than land based casinos, online casinos have been expanding at a prolific rate. And while the growth of online gaming isn’t necessarily coming at the expense of land based gaming – Forbes compares it to watching a sporting event at home versus attending the event itself - online casinos do offer certain advantages – playing from the comfort of one’s home is one. With the ease of just a click, you can start playing.

But exactly with that ease of just one click, you can also stop playing, or go to another online casino. That’s why online casinos are always trying to outdo each with their promotions in order to attract and retain players. You’ll find a furious fury of offers, beginning from the moment you sign up, to bona fide players who’ve been at it for years.

No deposit bonuses are for absolute new players. This is the classic recruitment tool – you get £5 or £10 free that will be automatically credited to your casino account when you sign up. With this bit of cash, you can play real money games, and not just demos. When it runs out, you’ll have to make a deposit.

With your first deposit, there is normally a welcome bonus. This is usually a matching deposit – typically, it’s a 100% bonus on your deposit, which means you get double casino credit. Then there are reload bonuses, which function more or less in the same way, but usually have less generous matching rates.

Slots are extremely popular at online casinos, so many offer free spin bonuses. It’s exactly what it sounds like – you get a limited number of spins on a slot game for free. Free spins can come as a no deposit bonus, or as part of a welcome package, or a weekly promotion featuring a special game. You’ll find that free spins are quite common.

With mobile being all the rage, many casinos are also offering special mobile no deposit bonuses. They’re not that different from the regular no deposit bonuses at online casinos, except that they are specifically for playing the casino’s app, or the HTML 5 site from your phone or tablet. Online casinos have invested quite a bit in going mobile, and they want to make sure their mobile platforms don’t get lost in the crowd.

As you move past that new player stage to being a loyal player, there are also weekly and monthly promotions. These can range from more matching bonuses, free spins, casino races with cash prizes, lucky draws with more prizes – you get the idea. With online casino promotions, there is a lot more extra adrenaline than just playing a casino game.