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The next stop for DRGT™ is ICE London


Following Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, DRGT™ CEO, Jurgen De Munck, DRGT™ Mexico MD, Alfredo Moreno and DRGT™ LatAm and the Caribbean MD, Alex Stiglich discuss what products and technologies drew the most interest from local operators.

G2E is the core exhibition for your local markets Alex and Alfredo. Did the event live up to expectations?

Alex: I believe so. Our market is a lot more mature than Alfredo’s and as such the upgrades to our current Tables Management System, as well as our new drReelBonus slots Bonus game were the key talking points.

The fact that all table configurations can now be done in the Cage, and our ability to now do FOREX transactions in cash at individual Tables was really well received, as was the ability for Tables players to now be able to cash out directly to their player card at the Table.

Alfredo: I concur. Our Tables Management System now really does seem to be world’s apart from our competitors so that was encouraging to my customers too.

Then in respect of our new drReelBonus that Alex referred to; it did what we hoped and generated a really fresh take in surprising and delighting players with a really fun reward option. The flexibility of the bonus game in terms of RTP, as well as actual rewards options like loyalty points or food and beverage vouchers was indeed ‘a hit’.

Jurgen as the CEO, strategic direction obviously remains your core responsibility. What drives your thought processes?

Jurgen: As I have said many times before, it is always ‘the player first’; and that relates to the surprise and delight elements referred to by Alfredo, and also faster and simpler functionality that makes for a seamless and ‘hassle free’ player experience.

Consumers in general continue to expect more and more tailored offers, and the ability to take up those offers when and where it suits them.

I think all service providers, and I refer here to all industries, are ideally after consumer (player) segments of one. When operators are able to realise this, they are then able to not only talk to the individual, but offer him real value; what I am referring to is not only tangible value, but also value that is more often than not quite intangible.

In my view it is in most cases this intangible value that separates the good from the great.

This leads quite nicely into my next question; you were part of a panel discussion last week entitled ‘Implementing Cashless and Cardless Systems’. One of the key take-outs from that discussion was the impact cashless gaming has had on better assigning game play data to specific players.

Jurgen: Quite correct. The discussion you referred to was moderated by Peter Arceo, the General Manager of San Manuel Casino in California, and I was joined by Juan Carlos Afanador from the Vicca Group, a TITO operator in Colombia and Mark Banks, the CEO of Grand Casino Brussels, a Cashless operator in Belgium.

In respect of your comment about the impact cashless gaming has had on better assigning game play data to specific players, it is very true. Specific reference was made by the panellists of the increase in tracked play, and the value of not only access to that tracked play, but more importantly the ability to then ‘mine’ that data, and then use that ‘intell’ to better engage players, tailor offers, and then present these aforementioned offers in front of players at a time that suits them; all ultimately driving growth, and ongoing sustainability.

Alfredo, back to you; I saw yet again a lot of visitors to your booth glued to BlackJack11’s. Is its success continuing?

Alfredo: In Mexico, for sure. The fact that the game is so easy to play, and is so fast, with a minimal effect on the normal blackjack game speed continues to intrigue Mexican operators, and more importantly their players.

Jackpots remain one of your core products, and in particular your configuration options, and shared jackpot functionality. Can you tell me a little more about these?

Jurgen: We currently provide probably the largest selection of jackpot configuration options in the world; what I’m referring to here are options for operators to have jackpots based specifically on average bet parameters for example, as well as jackpots tailored exclusively for specific loyalty levels, and jackpots that can be configured for specific times of the day and/or days of the week to name a few. These parameters can then also be combined, for example: a specific jackpot for silver card players only, offered every Monday in October between 10am and midday. Add to that the fact that the actual jackpot could be paid in cash, promotional credits or raffle tickets, and we really are able to provide operators with a significant player reward arsenal.

Alex: Adding to Jurgen’s explanation above, and in reference to the shared jackpot you mentioned; here operators are able to configure a jackpot option on a bank of 20 machines for example, where when the jackpot is won by a player on say machine number 5, he will win the primary jackpot value, with the shared jackpot ‘pot’ then equally distributed to the other players on that bank of 20 machines at the time the jackpot is won.

Alfredo: And then..., what is really quite attractive is the fact that if only 6 players were on the bank playing at the time the jackpot was hit, the primary winner would receive his pay-out, with the shared ‘pot’ simply divided amongst the remaining 5 players. My customers really

like that.

I assume then, based on the above, that the shared jackpot criteria can also be fully configured correct?

Alex: Absolutely, players can be ‘counted in’, or ‘counted out’, of the shared jackpot by player loyalty tier or minimum bet for example.

Alfredo: Also, our shared jackpot, as with our other jackpots, has the functionality to be utilised by an operator on a specific bank of machines, a portion of the casino floor, the entire casino floor or across an operator’s entire estate.

The next stop for DRGT™ is ICE London in February 2020, correct?

Jurgen: That is 100% correct. We will be at the Excel, London, at our usual booth: N2-240, from 4 – 6 February next year. We’re looking forward to it.

This interview was originally published in November 2019 in issue 134 Casino Life Magazine