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Introducing the New Boy to the Bookmaker Review Market

The last two years have seen incredible levels of growth in the online gambling industry, with the total yield in 2015 estimated at £13.6 billion. This represented growth of nearly £2.5 billion from 2014, while last year saw virtual gambling claim a record-breaking 33% share of the overall market in the UK.

Sports betting is a key driver of this, with the nation's leading high street bookmakers building their virtual presence and looking to compete aggressively with independent brands.

The growth of this sector has also created an opportunity for new comparison and review brands such as Bookmaker Advisor, which offers a crucial service to customers in a crowded marketplace.

In this post, we will look at this brand and the core value that it offers to customers:

Who is Bookmaker Advisor?

As a bookmaker review resource, this site's core objective is to compare the UK service providers while providing consumers with objective reviews and ratings. While this is nothing unusual, it is fair to say that Bookmaker Advisor offers excellent categorisation of its accumulated data, included information on all, new and established brands throughout the UK.

This data is also presented in a concise manner and accessible through drop-down menus, creating a simple customer journey that is ultimately rewarding.

A similar principle can be applied to the sites categorisation of bonuses, as the Bookmaker Advisor makes a clear distinction between sign-up promotions and free bet. This makes it easier to locate the precise bonus types that you are looking for, whether you are in the market for a new brand or hoping to optimise the amount of free gameplay you are able to enjoy.

Not only this, but there are also advanced filters than can help you to refine your search further, and actionable links that take you directly to an affiliate site.

Accessing Betting Tips: Using Insight to Inform Your Wagers

At this stage, we can see that Bookmaker Advisor has a keen attention to detail and a simplistic layout that enhances the consumer experience. The site also offers advanced betting tips to punters, leveraging expert opinion and insight across prominent sports such as tennis, football and basketball. Once again, this is not necessarily a new feature, but the quality, depth and diversity of the betting tips section does help the brand to stand out.

This section includes a unique blend of opinion, insight and statistical analysis, which creates informed and accurate tips that offer genuine value to customers. This can make a huge difference in competitive markets, where the difference between success and failure is often defined by the very smallest of margins.

The Bottom Line: Why the Bookmaker Advisor Stand Out from the Crowd

As one of the latest players to emerge in the bookmaker advisor market, this brand follows a familiar template and has not tried to break the mould in terms of the service that it delivers. It does deliver a comprehensive data set in a usually stylish and accessible manner, however, while the quality and diversity of its betting tips also set it apart from its rivals.

In this respect, it is a welcome addition to the market, and one that raises the bar slightly for other brands.