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How To Play A Card Based Game “Stravaganza” On Online Casino

New and more thrilling online casino games are developed every day. One of the most recently launched games that has received the hype it genuinely deserves is the extravaganza. Everyone is looking online for trips on how to be the ace extravaganza player. That’s why we made this informative piece to help you out.

There are hundreds of online casino games on Arabic Casino. Most of them are slots and very few of them are card based. Stravaganza is the latest card based game that has taken over the online gaming world by a storm mainly because of its thrilling gameplay.

The most unique thing about this game is that it blends aspects of two most eminent casino games; typical casino poker and blackjack. In this article, we take you through the gaming tips for this interesting game.

The Game Setup

When you launch a Stravaganza game, you’re dealt three random cards facing downward on the table and another set of two cards facing up. Unlike the case with blackjack, here the aces are assigned a value of one instead of eleven, and there’s no limit to the number of points required to win so you cannot go burst.

The first thing you’ll need to find out once you get your cards is their total value. If you have been dealt less than five points for the first two points then the game ends and you’ll have to choose to either take back your bet or start all over again. This is a plus to gamers, it reduces your chances of losing. No wonder people love it.

Once you attain between six and nine points, you’re given a choice to either continue or surrender. If you choose to surrender, you can take back half your bet. If you go past the nine point mark, the game becomes even more interesting because you’ll have to choose between two tricky options: to play on like you’re doubling on blackjack or cling to some hope that you will you will earn more points.

With total of six to nine points, you can play the rescue option, which is much like surrendering in blackjack. The basic idea is that you take back half of your bet and a new hand is dealt. When you're dealt 10 or more points, however, this is where the real fun begins because you have to make a decision between two tricky options. If you decide to play on, you’re given a single card that could hopefully help you win.
However, there’s a catch. If the card the dealer first put forth was a red ace, you automatically lose half the value of your bet. If his second or third was a red ace, you instantly lose the whole of your bet.

Payout of Bonuses

The bonus payouts depend on specific card combinations. For instance, if you were dealt three red aces, you’ll qualify for a payout and if you’re dealt any other three cards of the same rank, you get a payout up to three times your bet.

Winning Strategy

The strategy for winning an online Stravaganza game is pretty straight-forward; take back your bet every time whenever you are dealt five or less point for the first two points. Then always be sure to use any of the rescue options when cornered. Above 15 points, play on.

I hope this information will help you a great deal. Happy playing.