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Grand National 2018 – who the punters are backing

All major horse racing events pick up expected attention from fans and punters of the sport, but the Grand National is an extra special race, because even those who aren’t knowledgeable or even all that interested in horse racing tend to have a bet on the highly-anticipated run.

For those who aren’t quite so experienced in horserace betting, and even those who are, picking your own Grand National tips are hard to decipher. Luckily, sites like The Winners Enclosure fuel a community of punters in that field, helped by their knack of providing researched tips, odds and recommended bets, making the whole process easier for you to throw your hat in the ring.

As the Grand National’s most celebrated run approaches, we give some insight into which horses are worth considering, and who most punters are getting behind:

Blaklion 14/1 –

Despite being second favourite by the finest of margins, Blaklion surpasses Total Recall in the minds of the punters, with the largest percentage of those already backing a horse at the Grand National getting behind it at its 14/1 odds.

The odds could still fluctuate up until the run takes place, as this horse is close to Total Recall in terms of odds, but the nine wins and eighteen places from twenty-five runs is clearly enough to gain the backing of the masses.

Cause Of Causes 20/1 –

With almost as many backers as Blaklion, third favourite Cause Of Causes is getting tipped by plenty of avid horse racing fans at 20/1. Some bookmakers even credit this horse as being a worthy outsider to finish top, which is bizarre when considering the two horses ahead in the ranks.

Form doesn’t say all that much for its chances, winning eight of a whopping forty runs but placing in eighteen, only narrowly missing out on a place ratio of 50%. We can only assume that most people backing it are getting behind a place rather than a win when looking at those statistics.

Total Recall 12/1 –

It took long enough but we finally see Total Recall make an appearance in the runnings, who comes in as the third most-backed horse despite being favourite to win the Grand National from the bookmakers’ perspective.

Winning six and placing seven from nineteen runs doesn’t boast the most mind-blowing of records for a favourite, but Total Recall stands top of most Grand National tips and odds through reliability and consistency ahead of all else, which counts for a lot in this sport.

I Just Know 50/1 –

If you’re more a fan of beginners’ luck than the prowess that comes with an experienced horse, it’s easy to justify why so many are backing I Just Know at odds as high as 50/1. Around 5% of every punter who’s already put a bet on the Grand National has put their money on I Just Know but there’s some method behind the madness.

Achieving a better place ratio than most competitors has I Just Know with 56% wins in all of his races, but that’s met by a far less appetising 25% win ratio, so it’s not all completely rosy for the current nineteenth favourite.

Gold Present 20/1 –

Moving back up the table, fourth favourite Gold Present is ranked as fifth favourite to win the Grand National, which only differs marginally from where the bookmakers rank its chances.

With odds as high as 20/1 and a predicted placing position, it will be no surprise to see a lot of punters backing Gold Present to place, even if they aren’t courageous enough to get behind an outright win for the less experienced eight-year-old.

The remaining eighty-four –

Although all of the selected horses we’ve previously mentioned were included through a high number of horse racing tipsters and fans alike backing them to win this prestigious race, the highest percentage of backed horses are taken up by wagers on any other of the eighty-four nags in contention, taking up nearly 60% of the overall trend.

Those who are anxiously waiting for the event to finally kick off at the start of April will have more than likely already selected their own Grand National tips. All of these facts could easily change through more people getting involved in the run-up.

Something that can be seen from these figures is just how many viewpoints are taken when selecting the ideal horse to finish first in this massively competitive and globally recognised race.