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Generational Segments are Not Just about Employees but Also Customers. A Slice and Dice of the Marketing Pie…

I have had a unique casino/executive and academic/instructor view; engaging the next generation in both their role as students, employees and customers of gaming and hospitality. 

My time working directly with employees in the casino/hospitality environment has provided me with a bench mark for the “real-world” result of academia’s experiential learning model vs. their ideological applications. Through this experience I have identified best-practice-ways to educate employees, improve team work and channel more methods into customer service applications.

The Branded Floor Model

As the landscape of the gaming/hospitality industry offers a more diversified product footprint,operational elements must adjust to change. It is even more important than ever to have educated and effective employees. Accordingly both employers and educators must communicate “best practice” operational models, embrace team concepts and be proactive in anticipating the needs of employees and customers in order to provide the correct branded experience. That means being a leader that is engaged. 

It is important to have an instructional model that encourages employees to look beyond the parameters of their job and take a broader look at their customers; understanding that their customer will also be dining in property restaurants, attending shows, perhaps gambling in the casino, staying at their hotel, plan to see a show or participating in an Esports event. Under this educational model, employees learn how their single customer interaction within their job role is connected to the total property brand experience. And how each segment of the Hospitality customer touch point is connected and becomes the sum of the total customer experience. They (the employees) alone hold the key for a customer’s “moment of truth” about their experience at the property.  Whether you are an educator, in-house trainer, or executive on property; a focus on a total concept application will produce a more rounded employee.

Robert Ambrose is a casino/hospitality consultant, a former casino industry executive and university instructor. His experience includes an MS in Hospitality, positions in gaming operations management, commercial casino development and university instruction in hospitality and gaming. He continually collaborates with industry professionals and reports about his research through consulting, academic lectures and the publication of his articles.