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Complete Gaming Solution

Rebecca Green talks with Leopold Öller, Director at AMATIC Industries

What types of roulette does AMATIC Industries offer?

We have in-depth experience in designing, developing and manufacturing roulette solutions for the global gaming market. In essence, we provide four different options: Firstly, an all-in-one multiplayer with one electronic roulette wheel. Secondly, an all-in-one multiplayer with two electronic roulette wheels. Thirdly, a separate electronic roulette wheel with individual terminals and finally online roulette.

Can you quote a case study to underline this long-standing success?

Yes, with pleasure. In fact we just released a press release relating to our success in Spain with our electronic roulette. As a family-owned company, we are able to ensure that local player requirements are professionally and swiftly embodied into our product range. Together with our exclusive Spanish partner, Comatel Group, we are strongly established on the peninsula. Indeed, there are more than nine hundred of our electronic roulette solutions in operation in Spain. Here’s a quote that relates to both our roulette and Multi Game solutions for Spain from Fidel Molina, Managing Director and owner of Comatel Group, referring to the FER exhibition that took place in April in Madrid: “The star products of this show have been, without doubt, the Roulettes and Multiliner by the Austrian manufacturer, AMATIC Industries. Their products stand out for their quality, high technology and successful incomes. At the London show new developments were presented that have been highlighted in the Interazar fair in Madrid. The jackpot and the yellow Roulette 8 players Grand Jeu 22 WS 8 including Multiliner games have proven to be a great success for all attendees, creating great excitement.” Tell us more about the Grand Jeu 22 WS series?

The Grand Jeu 22 WS series represents the futuristic design of how electronic roulettes are to be from AMATIC Industries. Operators have the choice of two versions: the Grand Jeu 22 WS 8 with eight player positions around the large roulette wheel or the Grand Jeu 22 WS 5 which is the alternative for locations where space is at a premium as this has 5 player positions. The roulette design has the hallmark of our company. What I mean here is that we at AMATIC Industries have always had the courage to bring new innovations to the gaming industry. Our roulettes look different – they stand out in the crowd. We can even offer our roulettes in different colours – the race car yellow version that we showed at the ICE was for sure a centre of attention.

And the Grand Jeu Double is your electronic roulette that stands out the most?

Indeed. This is truly a complete all-in-one solution. It has two automated roulette wheels with ten player positions. The notion is that players can choose which wheel is bet upon. Naturally – if the local jurisdiction allows this – then operators can offer their customers the chance to bet on both wheels at the same time. The Grand Jeu Double really catches the eye and our customers often like to place it on a prominent place on the gaming floor. It comes as standard with four large-screen monitors so that operators can offer complete information and game statistics to their customers. We also have customers who make use of the large screens to inform their customers of the attractions and offers available – so use these for advertising and information purposes.

What about your stand-alone roulette solution?

This solution is based on having a separate automated roulette wheel and being able to position as many terminals as required around it. We call this roulette wheel the Solitaire and our terminals are called Satellites. This version offers great flexibility as operators can choose the number of Satellites required knowing that the number can be expanded if player demand increases due to the modular design. Furthermore, the terminals can be positioned in any way the operator requires.

AMATIC Industries is well known for its electronic roulette solutions. Now you have just introduced the Real Roulette Live. Please tell us more about this innovation?

Real Roulette Live is online roulette played directly on an AMATIC electronic roulette based in a casino. Customers play directly on a physical Roulette Grand Jeu in a reputable casino. The website is linked in real time to a classic single zero roulette. Players can connect online and play whenever they want, 24 hours per day. Live video coverage of the roulette vessel ensures that players get an ultimate gaming experience.

How is the best way to get in touch with AMATIC to get more information?

We are a family-owned company so our customers have direct contact with the decision makers. We can be reached at any time by email: sales@amatic.com. We attend gaming shows around the world, often as an exhibitor. Our website gives full details of our entire product range. With over twenty years of experience in the global gaming market, this is testimony to our long-term approach on providing highly entertaining and excellently designed gaming solutions.