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This year’s ENADA Roma will take place in the Italian capital city between 16th and 18th October. Suzo-Happ’s long-serving partner for Italy – Comestero – will once again be exhibiting the tailor-made Suzo-Happ solutions for the local gaming and amusement market.

The choice selection for the Italian market includes RGB toppers, push buttons, the AES Flow hopper, the AES Cube hopper, illuminated chrome push buttons, power supplies, AC cooling fans and entry and line filters.

Toppers play an important role in attracting players to slot machines. The toppers can be linked in a harmonising way, placing clear emphasis on a bank of slot machines. Suzo-Happ has mastered this technology, being a global leader in the development and manufacturing of toppers. In particular the RGB Ellipse topper and the RGB Xenon toppers have conquered the hearts of Italian players. These toppers are compact, offer different colour patters, can be fitted to practically all cabinets, being easy to install with a low power consumption.

Suzo-Happ is similarly a world leader in the design and production of hoppers. Both the Flow and Cube hoppers are now available with the future-proof AES protocol alongside the current standard ccTalk. These hoppers are very sturdy, extremely secure against manipulation and contain a 1024 bit encryption. The mean-time-between-failure of one in a million coins speaks for itself. Various bowl sizes are available to increase capacity on the Cube hopper and the Flow hopper can be ordered with a choice of three different bowl sizes. Both hoppers have a payout speed of 7 coins per second.

The illuminated chrome pushbuttons come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Their high quality is a testimony to players’ comments on the special feel they have. Further products on display include power supplies, cooling fans and entry / line filters.

Mr. Harald Wagemaker, Sales Director of Suzo-Happ EMEA, is looking forward to a very busy ENADA Roma, stating, “We are dedicated to the Italian gaming market and have tailor-made products. The AES protocol was already integrated into our Flow hopper last year and now we are proud to offer the Cube hopper with AES protocol as well. Our toppers are very popular in Italy. We offer the ‘best in class’ product choice and the local support of Comestero is key. We look forward to greeting visitors on the Comestero stand”.