TYPE EDIT V12, the new version of a modern and powerful CAD/CAM software



EDIT V12, the new version of a modern and powerful CAD/CAM software

Lyon, France – Type3, part of the Gravotech group, releases TYPE EDIT V12, the latest version of the leading CAD/CAM software for industrial and artistic modeling, design, engraving and cutting, dedicated to NC machines.

TYPE EDIT V12 introduces a fresh new modern interface, new features in 2D, 3D and machining, new import filters, more and easier scripting possibilities and offers increased efficiency and creativity to all its users.
TYPE EDIT V12’s modern style and the reorganization of its icons and menus favor a simplified and efficient use of the solution. The new Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) groups the main features of TYPE EDIT, the ones users use most often so that they are always visible and accessible.

The QAT is common to all tabs but can be personalized. Each user can create its own work environment, with its own tabs and tools and can create as many environments as he/she wishes (by job or application, by customer preferences, by material type, etc.). Besides, every single wizard has been enhanced in TYPE EDIT V12. Whether it concerns the look and feel of the user interface or any of the operating modes, all have been improved to help users work in an easier, more efficient manner.

Regarding 2D and 2.5D design tools, TYPE EDIT V12 offers new functions and possibilities but the R&D team also worked on enhancing existing features. Scripts, for example, are an automatic way to link a series of operations determined by the user and executed by TYPE EDIT features. They help users automate a series of operations they regularly do for a specific job speeding up the process and reducing errors.
Elsewhere, the new LED feature has been developed specifically for the sign industry, answering the growing demand for LED (light-emitting diode) layouts. TYPE EDIT V12 allows the easy creation of a LED job that can be used either for cost estimates or manufacture.

3D and CAM capabilities are not outdone either. TYPE ART, TYPE EDIT’s 3D mode introduces a larger work area, “S” shape section, extrusion possibilities, Revolved TYPE ART, new fractal textures, and much more. Reports, tools and new preview functions also help professionals make the most of powerful functionalities both in CAD and in CAM, for always higher accuracy and speed.
Clearly different, efficient, professional and intuitive, TYPE EDIT V12 stands out from the crowd.

About Gravotech:

Gravotech is the global leader in the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative solutions for engraving, marking and artistic modeling. Its success story began in 1938 with the creation of New Hermes in the US which eventually became Gravograph in Europe in 1950. In 2003, Technifor joined the group and was soon followed by Vision numeric, the Type3 and 3DESIGN software creator.
Type3 is the leading brand for CAD/CAM solutions for industrial and artistic modeling, design, engraving and cutting. Type3 develops versatile and productivity-driven artistic CAD/CAM solutions for industrial applications. At the heart of our concept: Engraving, sculpting, cutting and texturing have evolved over time to now include modeling and designing.

The Gravotech Group represents a worldwide network present in 30 countries with more than 900 employees. As a global leader in durable marking technologies such as engraving, laser, micro-percussion and scribing,
Gravotech uses its expertise to develop and market equipment, software and consumables for every application, from personalization to architectural signage and industrial part marking.«We have no competitor
in our business that is comparable in size and which can offer the same diversity of solutions and the same level of service throughout the world,» says Gérard Guyard, president of the group. There are currently more
than 200,000 Gravotech machines and over 55 000 Type3 software solutions in use every day around the world in 60,000 companies.
For more information, please visit www.gravotech.com and www.type3.com