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Sofia, Bulgaria, 21 October 2013 Innovative technologies open new horizons for the gaming business during the 6th BEGE Expo

21 October 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria -  The Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE EXPO) for 6th consecutive year, will open new horizons for the gaming and entertainment business in Eastern Europe on 22 and 23 October at the Inter Expo Center, demonstrating the latest technological innovations in products and services for the industry. BEGE Expo is a very important initiative for the Balkans region, which supports the Bulgarian producers and helps foreign companies to position better themselves in this market.

Few people are aware that Bulgarian companies are recognized for their contribution to the development of the industry in Europe and the rest of the world, competing in technology and quality even the global companies with more than 70 years of history behind.

In the focus of the presentation of the biggest manufacture in Bulgaria - Casino Technology, are the latest versions of the super successful multigame GAMOPOLIS ™ - The City of Games, based on a powerful hardware platform enabling a wide variety of games completed in one set. The latest versions GAMOPOLIS HIGHWAY ™ 65 and 66 contain 40 games each, including brand new titles and game suites, along with other casino games like bingo, keno and roulette.

At the 6th edition of BEGE EXPO there is a strong presence of companies offering software solutions for online betting and remote gaming, as a result of the fast development of the online sector and the current legal regulations. The innovative technologies for online betting and remote gaming will be represented by the following companies: Microgaming, Betconstruct, Vermantia, SB Tech, Casino Technology and Decart.

Leading manufacturers of traditional casino equipment will be present as well by the latest product developments from: Abbiati, APEX Gaming, Spielo International, Interblock, Casino Technology, Casino Game Innovation and Rodiz.

The software solutions for casinos and gaming halls during the 6th BEGE Expo will be focused on casino management systems, presented by top companies such as Advansys, Syswin Solutions and Future Gaming Europe.

In the field of digital solution, the Bulgarian company Avant-X Technology presents the latest innovations in digital signage with its system WizzyCast™. This year there will be presented also digital jukebox machines and operating software, gaining more popularity worldwide: Arion Jukeboxes, represented by Advanced Technology Research and the Sound Leisure, presented at the stand of the largest distributor of entertainment facilities for Bulgaria - Interservice Uzunovi.

The Bulgarian company Mini Golf presents a brand new attraction for amusement complexes, which is still a novelty even in Western Europe - the blacklight minigolf. This is illuminated mini golf, which has a fluorescent 3D Structure with themed patterns, where the game takes place in a dark room with special lighting.

In addition to the business occupations, visitors can also enjoy the various accompanying events during BEGE Expo, including: the "Miss Gaming BEGE 2013" contest, held for second year, during the first exhibition day; an attractive bar tenders show from Bar Academy Bulgaria, live performances, prize draws and the traditional BEGE Awards, taking place on the second exhibition day. The visitors will have the opportunity to test their golf skills, play foosball or pinball, or test simulators, provided by Microintellect, KB Distribution and Mini Golf.

Be a part of the world of gaming and entertainment during the 6th edition of BEGE Expo, which will be held on 22 and 23 October at the Inter Expo Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Trade Show Opening Hours:

October 22, 2013 - 11:00 - 18:00 hours

October 23, 2013 - 10:00 - 18:00 hours

BEGE Expo - the most important exhibition for leisure, gaming and entertainment industry in the Balkans gathers together exhibitors and visitors from around the world for sixth consecutive year. Exhibiting companies present products and services used in the operation of hotels, entertainment centers, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, casinos, etc. along with additional products from the marketing sector, digital technologies, mobile applications, security and control systems, vending equipment and others.

For more information visit: www.balkangamingexpo.com