SAGSE international Casino & Gaming Show Buenos Aires 12 to 14th November

SAGSE international Casino & Gaming Show Buenos Aires 12 to 14th November

Recognition from SAGSE Latin America to the Chilean Association of Casinos for its fight against the illegal gaming.

With the objective of generating and strengthen the international and positive image of the casino industry in Chile, the AACI (Chilean Association of Casinos  and games) will take a more active role in the next edition of SAGSE Latin America on November 12th, 13th and 14th in the city of Buenos Aires.

As part of an integration campaign of all important associations in Latin America, AACI will be there, reaffirming the internationality of SAGSE as the true meeting point.

"The idea is to catch the attention along this international industry and ask for the fast compliance implementation of the existing gaming regulations, fighting against the clandestine gaming through the strong implementation of the law. Putting an end to the illegal gambling" Alan Burak said, SAGSE's Commercial Manager and Show Manager.

"We strongly support SAGSE and we will bring together all operators of Chile so they can attend the traditional show that has been fighting to eliminate illegal gaming", Rodrigo Guiñez Saavedra concluded.

The work plan will consist of:

  • The presence of directors from Chile in SAGSE Latin America's ribbon cut.
  • Presentation of ACCI in SAGSE Latin America @ Buenos Aires with an institutional stand.
  •  The presence of directors from Chile in the Second Event of the Worldwide Gaming Women that will be performed in SAGSE encouraging the female networking. GGW joins women of all sectors in the industry in an effort to enrich their professional and personal lives. With this, we achieve a better work environment, a possitive attitude in their tasks and therefore this creates a better performance. This will take place on Wednesday at 1.30pm in the Host News Stand.
  • The presence of all members of ACCI to the Dinner "Gran Gala del Juego" where they will be granted a SAGSE award for their fight against the illegal gaming.