MGM China restaurants end single-use plastic in its takeaway packaging


Macau casino operator MGM China Holdings Ltd says its restaurants have replaced all plastic items that are used just once and then thrown away with substitutes that are less harmful to the environment.

Being the first integrated resort operator to step up its drive to eliminate single-use plastic in its takeaway packaging last year, MGM proudly announces that the Company has successfully removed all single-use plastics and replace them with environmentally-friendly alternatives at all of its restaurants. The milestone marks a significant step towards the reduction of food and beverage plastic packaging waste in Macau which will save 4.5 million pieces of single-use plastic per year from being disposed of into the environment.

Since last year, MGM has been launching efforts to reduce its own plastic footprint by phasing out single-use plastic in all of its restaurants, such as straws, cutlery and takeout containers, as part of its ongoing commitment to implementing sustainable best practices across all development areas. Taking the pledge further, the Company has taken steps to make its takeaway packaging more recyclable, and to ensure all new designs avoid the use of unnecessary plastic. Significant changes that have been implemented include swapping plastic takeout bags to paper bags; using compostable and biodegradable takeout containers and cutlery; offering customers with biodegradable straws upon request.

“Reducing plastic waste is a small act that creates a ‘ripple effect’ towards wider change,” Mr. Grant Bowie, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “As one of Macau’s key integrated resorts with prominent presence, we have a responsibility to use our scale for good to lead the local hospitality industry in a plastic-free movement. We have acknowledged that this is only the beginning of the journey, and we know there is more that can be done. We will continue our efforts in working with the government and industry partners to introduce many more positive steps toward sustainability.”

Work with Local SMEs to Create Synergistic Effect

While MGM pours its best efforts into bettering the community, it fosters sustainability through sourcing from local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) where possible. Ray Loi, local young entrepreneur from a SME in Macau called Sum Lei Ltd, who became MGM’s major vendor of eco-friendly cutlery in the process, said, “MGM is the first integrated resort operator to show interest in our eco-friendly products and to collaborate with us. We have devoted lots of efforts in sourcing materials that satisfy MGM’s requirement in sustainability, at the same time we appreciate MGM’s support to local SMEs as always. As this is becoming a trend in Macau, we think soon after MGM puts those eco-friendly cutlery in service, more companies will take similar steps and join this global anti-plastic movement.”

Stephen Chau, from MGM’s wet napkin vendor Chau Pek Kei, said, “We especially sourced the alternative material from Singapore to produce a fully degradable packaging for MGM and also for the environment, as MGM’s philosophy of sustainability aligns with ours. As a local Macau reputed business, we are committed to promoting substitute products for plastic, and we hope companies are willing to go far beyond in the name of environmental sustainability.”


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