Mexican Government closing Casinos that are not complying with the existing regulations

MEXICO CITY – Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said on Tuesday that the federal government will continue closing casinos across the country that do not comply with the existing regulations.

Osorio Chong said that the government will close any casinos that violate regulations, whether in northern Mexico or as far south as Mérida and not just in the states of Nuevo León and Coahuila, where most casino inspection efforts have been concentrated so far.

“We’re going to back up those who make good use of their permits,” he said. “But those who have irregularities, that don’t strictly follow the law, then of course we’re going to have to take corresponding decisions.”

According to Osorio Chong, 40 casinos have been closed in Coahuila alone during the first months of 2014, while another 25 gaming establishments have lost their permits and another six were closed by judicial order.

Osorio Chong said that the investigation into the nation’s casinos — many of which have been used to launder money for criminal organizations — has taken a long time because many files are incomplete and the federal government has lacked the manpower it needs to close all the casinos that operate illegally.