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Largest Survey of Poker Players for 10 Years Reveals Millennial Poker Players Give Older Players a Run for their Money

The biggest ever survey of poker players in the UK in the last decade reveals their gaming habits, from their own perceived playing ability to the nation’s favourite professional poker player. One of the key findings reveals that poker players aged 18-24 believe they are the most skilled at playing poker.

The survey, conducted by Grosvenor Casinos, was completed by more than 2000 UK poker players, making it the largest UK poker survey in the last 10 years. The survey was undertaken to help understand the preferences of UK poker players and help tailor events to their needs, both in-club and on grosvenorpoker.com.

Grosvenor Casinos’ survey found that younger players, on average, believe they are more adept at poker than older players, with 57 per cent of respondents under 35 ranking themselves as 'above average' or better. Conversely, two thirds (67 per cent) of players over 54 years old say that their poker skills are 'average' or worse.

Younger poker players are also frequently playing multiple online poker games at any one time, with 44 per cent of under 35s keeping their eye on three or more tables at once. This contrasts to those aged 45 and over; 81 per cent of whom usually prefer to play on two tables or fewer at a time.

Despite appearing more confident, younger players did admit to investing more time into learning how they can improve their game.

More than half of younger players (54 per cent) play poker to learn how the game works and improve their skills. In contrast, those who are 55 and over are less motivated by money or learning how to play, and more motivated by playing for fun (51 per cent).

Grosvenor Casinos’ survey found that when younger players aren’t actively playing poker, they are still more eager to improve their technique. Over half of young players (64 per cent) frequently read poker content online and watch poker strategy videos in their spare time.

Younger players cited Will Kassouf, who was recently sponsored by Grosvenor at the GUKPT Manchester, as their favourite professional poker player: a man notorious for using speech to rile his opponents while playing. His controversial tactics earned him the title of “king of speech play” during the World Series of Poker in 2016.

Survey results also show there are key differences between male and female poker players. Male poker players appear to be more confident about their playing ability, with more than half of men (52 per cent) rating themselves as ‘above average’ or better; as opposed to 31 per cent of female players who modestly class themselves at the same level.

Similarly, female poker players cited different professional influences to their male counterparts.  Nearly a third of female poker players surveyed (31 per cent) voted for Victoria Coren-Mitchell as their poker hero, while only 15 per cent of male players cited Coren-Mitchell as their favourite professional player.

Grosvenor’s Head of Poker, Russell Tamplin, said, “It’s great to hear that younger players are enthusiastic and really enjoying playing poker both in casinos and online, although mature poker players perhaps give a more honest assessment of their own abilities! What strikes me is why more women aren’t playing as much poker, especially online where skills can be honed for a fraction of the cost. Over the coming years I expect a lot more women to start enjoying poker, both online and live.”